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Posted By: karl_w_lewis
Posted On: 2004-08-05 20:01:00
Subject: Game off

Okay. I apologize to the board for wasting so much bandwidth on buttery_poppy_cock, (whatever). It has been fun, though. Some of you folks are really clever. (And bitter. Wow!)

I notice we now have a second paid troll trying to lure losers, (and their money), into this SCAM. I am deeply confused; you don't suppose anyone would be dumb enough to buy this stock based on that mumbo-jumbo posted here do you? How much do you suppose Darl pays these hacks?

Do these Scam-artists know that all the posts here are archived in a searchable database? Shouldn't that frighten them?

I won't be plonking these losers because I want to keep an eye on them, but I will try very very hard not to talk to them.


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Posted By: karl_w_lewis
Posted On: 2004-12-10 08:57:00
Subject: Looking for a bunch of bigger fools...

Good morning investors. You're probably just starting your day. You are probably focusing on achieving your financial goals. You probably aren't worried about what other investors think of you. You probably try to avoid following the herd. You probably value your independence and your own financial savvy.

If that's you, then I have a stock pick for you: SCOX.

Other investors have shunned this stock; they've called it a SCAM. The market has shorted more than half the float. But *you* are an independent thinker. Sure, the herd is moving away from this stock as if it had a deadly communicable disease. Many are put off by the stock's history, a year ago it was trading in the $20.00 per share range, and now it's near $5.00, having dipped under three dollars. Many investors worry that the company's only asset is a set of lawsuits that the company's legal representation is fighting, tooth and nail, to delay. Industry analysts have pointed out that the software product this company sells has been shrinking in market share every year for two decades, and that that trend is accelerating. The bashers of this stock have pointed out that IBM, one of the firms now locked in a legal cage-match with SCOX, has filed three patent infringement claims against the company's software products, noting that if IBM prevails, The SCO Group, Inc. will have no product at all.

But remember, you aren't following the herd. You realize that ledite and the other shills for this stock *could* be right. The chance of complete failure in court, and total loss of all its products are already built into the price of this stock. There's nowhere for it to go but up. All the shorts will have to cover eventually, and if you're clever enough, and far-sighted enough to buy in now - *you* could be the one who gets to sell, at grossly inflated prices, to all those shorts. Sure, that sounds like a pyramid scheme, but hey, the reason pyramid schemes abound is that, well, heck, people make money from them.

Buy in now! Don't get left behind. Everyone's doing it! Hurry! Buy! Buy! Buy!


I am not a financial advisor. If you follow the preceding advice I promise I will laugh at you if I see you living a cardboard box under a highway overpass.

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