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Posted By: b29651
Posted On: 2004-08-09 18:14:00
Subject: endorle admits he is a FUDDITER?

"HI, I'm Rob Enderle, I'm paid to hate Linux by Microsoft. I actually am Bill Gates Love slave, was fired from IBM for mooning Louis Gerstner, have a huge personal investment in SCO, and regularly steal candy from little defenseless babies. OK, there I said it, I've come clean, spilled the beans, finally told the truth"

blood pressure warning


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Posted By: nobbutl
Posted On: 2004-08-09 18:55:00
Subject: Re: endorle admits he is a FUDDITER?

Here's Endoscope's influence credentials. has a quote from his gerbil as follows: "Rob Enderle, the founder, has been the most highly quoted analyst since 1995 as ranked by firms like the Kensington Group and Sage Circle. In addition he has been in the top ten of most influential analysts as ranked by Technology Marketing since the beginning of that ranking and was ranked number one in 2001 in influence (#2 in 2002)." So the poor man is past his best even according to his own gerbil. Oh dear.

It would be worth trying to find out about 'Technology Marketing' but, frankly, googling a name like that would throw up thousands of false leads, all written in MBA-speak and flash, and frankly I can't be arsed.

The rest of that page is a must-read. Here it is again -

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Posted By: brightshiningreflection
Posted On: 2004-08-09 19:39:00
Subject: Some insight into Enderle

Enderle's astonishingly unprofessional presentation actually gives some interesting insight into the guy.

Enderle has continually passed himself off as an expert on IBM as a long-time insider. One was supposed to figure he had some time at Armonk or Boca Ratton and was rubbing elbows with the computerists and dealing with software engineers and IP.

But wait, now we hear that he got to IBM as a new hire at ROLM shortly before ROLM got taken over by IBM. That means several things. First, it means that IBM didn't hire the idiot--they just inherited him. 2) It means that he never really got inside the culture of IBM because he was working at the ROLM subsidiary. True enough IBM brought the suits in to de-siliconvalleyize ROLM, but it didn't cause a wholesale loss of ROLMness in the company. Claiming to know everything about IBM legal from his perspective as a ROLM employee is hysterically funny. It's not too different from claiming to know all about General Motors legal from a job inside Hughes after Hughes was taken over by GM.

ROLM was never part of the IBM core business of computers and software. Whatever insights Enderle got at ROLM, they didn't do much for his knowledge of operating systems, computers, applications, UNIX, AIX, etc.

Basically, we learn that he spins his resume like he spins everything else.

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Posted By: raoulduke_esq
Posted On: 2004-08-09 20:45:00
Subject: Re: endorle admits he is a FUDDITER?

Thank goodness I was late to the keynote speech! I don't think I could have held down my breakfast if I had to listen to the whole thing.

Now that we know his credentials, I probably have a better resume than him in just about any area you choose. His employment at IBM was peripheral and incidental: I spent a Summer at IBM's TJ Watson research center - the very core of IBM's innovation. The people there were quite competant and professional. Enderle needs veterans to remind him of the cost of freedom? I am a veteran, a Capt. in the US armed forces, during the first Gulf War. My college room-mate died in a B52 that went into the Indian Ocean. Perhaps I should remind Enderle what happens when loud-mouth morons claim things that aren't theirs, on the backs of the "little people".

What an absolutely awful waste of hot air that whole speech was. Not once did he demonstrate any competance in software source code analysis. All he could do was gloat over the fact that a former employer could not hire a qualified "Linux expert" and that he was able to out-think her. Funny, there are plenty of real source code experts who could shred his tissue paper arguments. And yet he knew back in 1994 that Linux was "an unauthorized copy of Unix". Say what? That alone ought to qualify as a clueless homerun - right out of the park.

Yow! who listens to this guy?


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Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2004-08-10 10:50:00
Subject: Enderle's Biography

Funny, when he wrote that article about how a jury would side with scox, he seemed to indicate that he was a lawyer. I believe he used expressions like "in cases that I've tried." But it seems to me that if robby was a lawyer, there would be some mention of it in his bio.

Looks to me like he was just a project manager before becoming a shill.


Rob Enderle is a Senior Analyst at the Giga Information Group where he specializes in providing Information Technology advice for the desktop. His coverage includes hardware, software, and communications. In addition, he covers Microsoft, e-mail, and video conferencing.

Rob has over 15 years experience in the IT industry. Before joining Giga he was at Dataquest, where he was the most widely quoted analyst in both the trade and the public press worldwide. Before he was at Dataquest, Rob held a variety of project management positions at IBM, including one where he managed the redesign of IBM's software marketing channels. Earlier Rob was at ROLM, where he headed Market and Business Analysis.

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Posted By: stats_for_all
Posted On: 2004-08-10 14:39:00
Subject: Rob's Resume

Rob Enderle . San Jose, Ca.

Orange Coast College - Marketing
Cal State Long Beach -Business, MBA in Market research
Pace University CMA (certified management accounting)

7 years wasted working for friends (no details)

HR for a manufacturing site, Silicon Valley

ROLM - 1984
. Joins 4 months before IBM merger (HR ?)
IBM acquires ROLM 1984
. Internal Auditor (IS Audit)
. Help Desk Development
. Software and Telephony Product Development
. Competitive Analysis, comanager, "runin" with sales VP
. Software Sales Channel devlopment
. Market and Business analysis
. Legal
. Late 80's Channel acquisition of resellers
IBM sells ROLM to Siemens (1991-2)
. Enderle transfers to IBM proper
Enderle leaves IBM 1994

Dataquest - Joins 1994 (immediately following IBM)
Senior Analyst Client/Server Software
. Analyzes OS/2 for Dataquest
. Accuses IBM and Novell of conspiring to have fired Feb 1995

Giga, Vice President Joins 1995
(Ballmer investment)
Forester acquires Giga Feb, 2003

Enderle Group (June) or August, 2003
Publishes caustic assessment of Forester, August 8, 2003

Unverified employment/skills:
. 15 years experience, IT (1995)
. More than 30 years experience IT (2001)
. ex-cop
. Sheriff
. "judge-in-training"
. advanced weapons training
. "traveled armed for 4 years under constant threat of death"
Mid 80's unnamed CRM application (ROLM, IBM, Stone ?)

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