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From: brian at (Brian)
Date: Tue Aug 10 12:45:16 2004
Subject: Review: UnixWare 7.1.4 is suitable for basic server duty
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Hello Dear Friends:

I just finished a review of UnixWare 7.1.4:

After reading through a luke warm review I began to notice an astounding
list of *free* open source products included in the proprietary closed
source UnixWare package.

Now, let me just check a few points with my fellow newsgroup readers: wasn't
Rob Enderle's LoserFest 2004 keynote speech entitled "Free Software and the
Idiots who Buy It"? Let's check:

Yup, that's what is was called. It is even posted on the sco/caldera website
(a slightly edited version, that is) for all to read. Proud words for the
lads of SCO.

Now, since many of you in this newsgroup "Buy" UnixWare and the UnixWare
package includes the product of many *Free* open source projects, that the
simple conslusion would be, and these aren't my words mind you, you are all

This is not MY opinion, this is the opinion and spoken/written words of a
LoserFest 2004 keynote speaker - words that so reflect the beliefs of the
SCO management that they have published them on their website.

Rob's opinion notwithstanding, I do believe people who BUY UnixWare may not
be very wise. It is overpriced for an average performer in most respects
but an underachiever in comparison to many Linux distributions. I
personally am a fan of Slackware and get the entire package for under $40
and that includes *ALL* the source code for the entire system.

$40 for unlimited installations, unlimited users, unlimited CPU's, unlimited
memory, unlimited upgrades and unlimited freedom from being sued by the

Let's review: the same package from UnixWare would cost, hmmmm... $10,000
(they say $9,999 but who are they trying to kid). Now many could point out
that some additional proprietary products are included but they can be
purchased separately for Linux as well - and for far far far less than

Just the fact that I don't have to dick around with serial numbers and
activation codes is an extremely valuable asset to me, not to mention
having to submit to invasive and protracted compliance obligations by SCO
brown shirts.

Now, some of the SCO newsgroup spinners might suggest that SCO "may have an
IP case" against Linux and that SCO may have some "hidden evidence
bombshell" that they are holding back BUT these are just the vaporings of
the ignorant and uniformed - people who watch Perry Mason and think that is
how court is really conducted.

The SCO Group is in a financial tailspin that will soon come to a crashing
halt - you can't spend money you don't have and SCO's credit is zero if
anyone were to review their income statements. SCO doesn't even have clear
title to the sacred Unix IP and may NOT be permitted to even call it Unix
in the future, if the OpenGroup has any say in the matter (the word "Unix"
is their IP).


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