SCO vs. IBM					 Tech Insider's Review

From: brian at (Brian)
Date: Wed Aug 18 17:30:12 2004
Subject: IBM files for 3rd PSJ against SCO...
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Hello Dear Friends:

You will remember how Darl McBride extolled the virtues of the US system of
Intellectual Property and it's value to the world of enterprise? Well, me

The point is, IBM wants a Partial Summary Judgment on their (IBM's) claim
that SCO has unlawfully distributed over 700,000 lines of IBM copyrighted
code without authorization!

Can you say, One Two Threeeeeee... Yer Outa Here!

Here is the best part, SCO has been continuously distributing the Linux
kernel from it's website while attempting to enforce more restrictive
rights than the GPL permits - threats of lawsuits, exorbitant license fees,
that sort of thing.

SCO denied the GPL was legal and ignored it. Result, SCO has been willfully 
distributing all that IBM copyrighted code that IBM has introduced into the
Linux kernel without a license from IBM.

SCO agrees the code belongs to IBM and that IBM owns and controls the
copyrights to said code.

SCO has distributed the IBM copyrighted code without a license.

When the IBM copyright counterclaim was filed, SCO still continued to
distribute IBM coyrighted code without permission.

SCO is bad!

I know Tony will opine that the GPL has never been proven in court, and that
it may not be legal, or that the GPL may be un-American but the simple
truth is, in the event that the GPL is determined to be unusable, then
copyright licensing control reverts back to the copyright owner.

I wonder where that David Boise guy is? Isn't he supposed to be SCO's legal
swordsman? Didn't he and his firm get paid the BIG BUCKS to run IBM down
and put a stake into the Linux heart?

I am sorry but the thought of Darl and The SCO Group getting totally SCREWED
by one of the countries biggest lawfirm brings a big smile to my face.


In yer face, Darl McBride - TOTAL LOSER!

In yer face, Chris Sontag - TOTAL LOSER!

In yer face, Blake Stowell - TOTAL LOSER!

In yer face, Ralph Yarro - TOTAL LOSER!

I wish all of you many more years of personal lawsuits and liability
litigation and perhaps a couple SEC investigations stretching out into the
distant future. We all know how fond you guys are of keeping company with


How, to sit back, crack open a bottle of beer, light up an expensive Cuban
cigar and watch the games commence.

Now, if Tony tries to tell you that it ain't over 'till it's over, explain
to him we all know that and we don't want to hear it again because we are
busy watching SCO get handed it's ass!

Anybody want to vote Tony 'King of the Incredibly Bloody Obvious'?

nah... too busy.



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