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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2004-08-23 23:20:00
Subject: Links from Groklaw to other sites

Groklaw doesn't really have a page of "links to other useful
sites", and I would say that by far the most notable
non-linked site is not, but,
which has long been considered indispensable by many SCO
followers, including a couple of the law firms.

My guess is that the principal reason PJ doesn't provide
such links is not a desire to preserve mindshare, but a
genuine and somewhat-justified paranoia. She doesn't want
to bear any responsibility for endorsing something over
which she has no control, and which thus could later turn
out to be something she regrets endorsing. Scofacts is
quite the opposite: many of the document links go straight
to something at tuxrocks, with no obvious indication that
the user is being taken off-site. If Frank were to move
things around and leave some of my links pointing to
pictures of lemonpartiers, the complaints would all come to

By the way, back in April, PJ asked me to help her read her
email and track down leads. I said I was willing, but
warned her of my "taint": my short position. Given that a
subpoena of Groklaw seemed (and somewhat remains) a definite
possibility, I thought she might want to avoid it somehow
appearing that she was an "agent" of, or otherwise too
closely associated with, people who have a direct financial
interest in SCO's demise. She was indeed quite leery of
that, and so our relationship remained at arm's-length. I
considered closing out my position to make it easier for
people to trust me, but being short SCO is too much fun.
(As the idle rich in the movies say, "How about a wager,
... just to make things interesting?")

Although PJ and I haven't exchanged email in about a month,
I don't think this is particularly hindering anything. Both
of us pretty much publish what we find for the world to see,
and both of us are able to access the other's site, so
there's not a lot of call for one-on-one communication.

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