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Date: Tue Aug 24 17:15:21 2004
Subject: Gupta testimony refuted...
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Hello Dear Friends:

IBM has found an expert to refute SCO's Sandeep Gupta "substantial
similarity" code analysis.

We all remember SCO's Sandeep Gupta of Daimler Chrysler fame who was roundly
discredited and unqualified to make the declarations he made.

Sandy is also credited with the revelation that SCO OWNS ELF!


(What a goof!)

Apparently Sandy has further stated that there are substantial amounts of
similar code in Linux as in SysV Unix.

IBM found some guy to refute the Gupta declaration - some guy named Brian W.
Kernighan - I wonder what HE knows about Unix?

Oh Yeah - he was one of the inventors of Unix!

Gupta caught in another seemingly endless series of BULLSHIT declarations!

It just goes to show you the nature of Gupta's character - he will obviously
do ANYTHING for a fancy title and some money. 

SCO stock dropped to below $3.80 today - just another step in the circling
journey to the penny stock status it truly deserves!

Gupta may have been a credible computer engineer at one time but now he is
just another SCO sock-puppet - how disgusting!

It's about time Tony chimed in with his "SCO could have a case" theory or my
favorite "SCO could still win".




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