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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2004-08-29 17:56:00
Subject: Image of a SCOX certificate

For the morbidly curious, I've put a scan of a SCOX stock
certificate at
(As discussed in the parent article, I did not buy these
shares, nor have I ever had a net long SCOX position,
although, unfortunately, I did have to buy 700 shares earlier
this month.)

I blanked out the certificate number, but the rest of it is
there in all its boring 8x12" glory, including the cypress
tree, the incredibly imaginative SCO Group Corporate SEAL,
and the signatures of President McBride, Secretary Olson,
and Agent Lockwood.

Shares equivalent to the ones represented by this
certificate traded for more than $13,000 on the day CALD was
listed in March 2000, for as little as $60 on the day Darl
was hired in June 2002, and for over $2,000 again last
October. The par value is one dime, and I'm guessing the
certificate will have a decent scripophilic value (maybe
$30) just for its notoriety, but it would sure help if it
had a little more visual interest.

I hope if they spin off a UNIX Systems Laboratories that
they put a little effort into the certificate. At least an
engraving of King Darl in his Corporate Enemy Number One
pose, or *something*. They might as well go out in a blaze
of glory and try to come up with the most slanderous
corporate artwork ever. Like, Linux advocates eating their
own young -- that sort of thing. They should hire
vanburgerstein as a special consultant for the job.

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