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Posted By: saltydogmn
Posted On: 2004-10-12 11:53:00
Subject: What a bunch of egomaniacal dorks!

I'll bet you thought this was going to be a post about SCO... BZZZT!!! Wrong. It's about US.

Back when I first started hearing about the Lindon Losers™, I visited Groklaw often, and it was there that I learned about this very board. I have spent many months reading about all the trials(literally and figuratively) and tribulations of this now all-too-obvious FUD pump and dump scam. It's been quite invigorating to see literally thousands of people shining the brightest of lights on this cast of cockroaches, and I'll be somewhat sad when they are finally delisted, and this board goes away.

However, somewhere along the way, several people, who shall remain nameless, but whom everyone already knows, decided that perhaps the end for SCO was truly near, and perhaps, they wanted to take some of the credit for bringing it about. Guess what, pals... we all did it. Every one of us. Besides, these SCO dolts, and their pals, were so pathetically inept to start with, that they did most of the damage themselves; we just showed it to the rest of the world how stupid they were. (Whenever I say "we" here, I'm talking about the community as a whole; I personally have done very little, except for telling everyone who would listen about how bad these people are.)

Now, don't get me wrong; I'm all for recognition of a well done task. When you try to obtain that recognition at the cost of others, who have done as much, or more, than what you might have done, is where I have a problem. I just find it both funny, tragic, and sickening, that as the time for SCO's burial draws near, way too many people, with or without websites, are fighting to see who gets to piss all over their grave.

I guess I'd say this to them; nice work, all of you, but please get over yourselves. This job is almost finished, but it is only round one; there WILL be many more rounds to come, and if we can't work together, Microsoft will eventually get what they want - total control - only because YOU want to be in charge. Keep your thousands of eyes on the prize... it's the only way we can win. We're the good guys/gals, remember???

(Consructive comments are welcome - flames are welcome, too, but by SCO fanboys only)

Thanks for listening.
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