Message ID: 201668
Posted By: higgins_jc
Posted On: 2004-11-01 14:06:00
Subject: directory listings enabled

Now - no matter who you are, when you expect a box to be probed and poked at ( as you expect from all internet connected servers ) you do not expose more information than necessary - and you do NOT leave directory indexing enabled without good reason... simply guessing a toplevel directory will get you the listing of the contents.

Index of /images

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[IMG] prosco_header_extend..> 31-Oct-2004 09:50 1.3K
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[IMG] prosco_header_small.jpg 28-Oct-2004 13:35 36K

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Message ID: 201875
Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-11-02 05:55:00
Subject: SCO grand web site plan remains modest

THOSE SILLY PR FOLK at SCO did the face-plant thing again. Yes, its grand launch of the anti-Groklaw site was slated for yesterday, and what happened? ...

Message ID: 201909
Posted By: peragirn
Posted On: 2004-11-02 08:43:00
Subject: Infoworld rips

Not sure if this has already made it up

Damn it's just to funny.

Message ID: 201913
Posted By: br3nsc
Posted On: 2004-11-02 08:56:00
Subject: Re: Infoworld rips

< Not sure if this has already made it up
couldnt resist reposting this

posted By: peragirn

Damn it's just to funny.>

in your face darl and ralphie


Message ID: 201915
Posted By: rgriffith64
Posted On: 2004-11-02 09:02:00
Subject: Re: Infoworld rips

> Money wouldn't be able to buy better advertisement space for Groklaw :-)

Go SCO. The more they do, the bigger the whole in their foot. We should all cheer on SCO to get more active and do more.

Let's try and count the ways this fails:

1) PROSCO has no content
2) PROSCO fails to deliver on yet another SCO promise
3) PROSCO is hosted on Windows. (Does not SCO sell some sort of OS capable of hosting web sites if we believe their brochures?)
4) PROSCO demonstrates SCO incompetance at
a) managing the case
b) managing information
c) managing a web site
5) PROSCO ends up bringing more publicity to SCO's lack of a case.

Message ID: 202047
Posted By: doughnuts_hmm
Posted On: 2004-11-02 12:26:00
Subject: SCO stalls on Groklaw counterblast

SCO stalls on Groklaw counterblast

A website that SCO planned to launch this week to tell its side of the story has come shuddering to a halt while its rival carries on dissecting the ins and outs of the company's multifarious legal disputes.

Nearly a month after promising to launch a website to provide information on SCO's various legal disputes, a number of undisclosed issues had forced the company to think again, said company spokeswoman Janielle Fernandes.

"It's still up for debate whether the website will ever go up," she said, citing "legal and management concerns about the content of the website" but declining to go into details.

Message ID: 202053
Posted By: doughnuts_hmm
Posted On: 2004-11-02 12:43:00
Subject: SCO: "Foot and mouth disease"

SCO grand web site plan remains modest plan

Foot and mouth disease

By Charlie Demerjian: Tuesday 02 November 2004, 09:08
THOSE SILLY PR FOLK at SCO did the face-plant thing again. Yes, its grand launch of the anti-Groklaw site was slated for yesterday, and what happened? Like the lawsuit, no info. If you go to the site, you are greeted with a message about how SCO is anticipating using the site for things in the future. Heh heh.

What makes this such a laugh is that SCO has, up to now, never shown anyone anything, they just spin and spin and spin. OK, if you are dumb as a rock, as are some so called journalists, you might believe what you are fed, but those with a shred of reasoning capability see through that. Either way, they promised a site, and we get excuses.

Message ID: 202089
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2004-11-02 13:41:00
Subject: Hey, did you notice?

SCOX did not issue a press release about its spiffy new website. Oh well, I guess they thought it got enough attention without one.< grin>

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