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Posted By: spamsux99
Posted On: 2004-11-03 21:11:00
Subject: Geeklog Archive/Viewer

Announcing two php apps, a command line archiver and a very basic viewer. The archiver is fully functional, the viewer is a rough port from yaview (yahoo archive viewer).

They are at:

Here is the readme.txt from glsuck:

* Copyright (c)2004
* Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
* Created 2004-09-09 Mike Green <mikey at badpenguins dot com>

Welcome to glsuck, please see the files AUTHORS and COPYING for copyright and licensing information. glsuck is released under the GNU GPL.

glsuck will suck articles and comments from geeklog blogs and plug them into a database.

To install, edit includes/globals.php, particularly the path and database settings. Make sure the database user has sufficient privileges to drop/create the database.

Running glsuck without arguments will give you a help message.

Please respect the copyrights and acceptable use policy of any blogs you scrape with glsuck. Republication of a private archive is very likely to run afoul of copyright restrictions. glsuck is meant to archive your own posts and provide you with a private archive only. Respect the bandwidth also :)

Example of how to run:

1) Create the database

glsuck --init

2) Add a blog:

glsuck --add testblog

3) Archive all articles, don't grab comments

glsuck --get testblog --all articles --skipcomments

4) Archive all of your own comments

glsuck --get testblog --all comments --author youruserid

5) Archive specific article (no comments)

glsuck --get testblog --article 3 --skipcomments

6) Archive all of your own comments, no articles, save to html files in
current directory

glsuck --get testblog --all --author you --skiparticles --dumphtml

7) Archive all articles on page 5 of article lists, no comments

glsuck --get testblog --page 5 --skipcomments

readme.txt from glview:

Feel free to improve upon!

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