Message ID: 202602
Posted By: jcauseyfd
Posted On: 2004-11-03 20:39:00
Subject: New site

Just thought I'd announce here that I have setup a new site for commentary, research, whatever, related to IP issues (including the whole fiaSCO). You can visit it at:



Message ID: 205151
Posted By: br3nsc
Posted On: 2004-11-13 12:43:00
Subject: Re: IP-Wars

"For the first time yesterday I visited a site called IP-Wars whose sole purpose for existance appears to be to trash PJ."
trash is such a neutral word
we could use Troll or yahooer or astroturfer?
same difference
pot meet kettle.
the sole purpose of the web site is just as focused as groklaw.
if you dont like the tone then it is called choice?
or did you forget that word?
we ask questions and we also do go asking questions.

Message ID: 205152
Posted By: PG_King
Posted On: 2004-11-13 12:51:00
Subject: Re: IP-Wars

> For the first time yesterday I visited a site called IP-Wars whose sole purpose for existance appears to be to trash PJ.

That's not what I understand the purpose to be, it's a community site. If you don't like the articles posted currently (and you are registered) you:

(a) Get a chance to vote for them to appear/not appear in the first place
(b) Can submit your own content.

> I tried to post a comment just as I am posting here and guess what folke for all their supposely hatred of the restraigns on free speach on PJ site the IP-Wars is draconically worse.

I'm not sure what your problem was with posting. Are you saying your post didn't appear?

Another aspect of is that you are free to discuss any issues or problems you have with the site, on the site.

> whose sole function appears to be to disagree with PJ policy of removal offensive comments

A reference would be useful (unless like biff or ledite you ca't actually produce one), but I've seen no comments questioning PJ's removal of offensive comments. Indeed to the best of my knowledge everyone agrees it's perfectly reasonable for PJ to remove offensive comments.

Message ID: 205161
Posted By: ColonelZen
Posted On: 2004-11-13 13:21:00
Subject: Re: IP-Wars

Yes I noted your slime comments.

All I will say on that subject is that the traditional definition of your comments has been as as a saboteur not as supportive.

In your opinion is it possible to critically discuss GrokLaw and PJ without it being slime, and oneself being "a saboteur not as supportive."???

In my "A Brief History of GrokWar"
I was at considerable pains to be as objective as possible. You are very welcome to point out any errors of fact you can find.

Other issues regarding OSRM and Grokline of which I had had no idea have come to light and should be brought to the awareness of anyone actively doing anything related to software who may be thinking of just visiting the site.

There are also other materials there on MS and it's actions. The some preliminary work on how we ought report court filings. While most of the material now relates to GL/OSRM issues, that is simply because it was founded and so far contributed to mostly by those who saw a need because of GL's lacks. We hope it will soon expand beyond that.

Please feel free to contribute an artice relating to F/OSS and IP issues which is not tied to GL. If it is remotely well done, I will be happy to vote for it.

-- TWZ

Message ID: 205162
Posted By: j_crit2
Posted On: 2004-11-13 13:28:00
Subject: Re: IP-Wars

< In my "A Brief History of GrokWar"
I ...>

Trying to catch up, I had just found that site (wish it had been noted as a .net domain), and it seems roughly like this forum, but with more adults in the room.

In particular, I did just read your "Brief History". Seems quite accurate from what I've seen noted in many places, and btw not badly written either.

It's worth a bookmark at the ranking of gl or better.

(I am still deeply confused as to why the CKX forum is inhabited at all, let alone by this crew)

Message ID: 205166
Posted By: ColonelZen
Posted On: 2004-11-13 13:35:00
Subject: Re: IP-Wars

Many were objecting to grokwars here so elcorton found CKX which was essentially uninhabited and suggested we take discussion there. Most of us did, but shortly thereafter Jeff Causey set up ip-wars.

You can see from the volume on CKX that we are basically migrating our discussions to ip-wars. It will probably be several weeks until the process is complete.

And of course we will still be *here* when something of interest breaks.

Once again - as only a regular not as anyone in authority - I would like to invite anyone who has a longer discussion of some SCO or generall IP issue to contribute an article to ip-wars. (hello stats, elcorton, stdsoft,....)

-- TWZ

Message ID: 205203
Posted By: ColonelZen
Posted On: 2004-11-13 20:08:00
Subject: Who here wages GrokWar??

I hereby invite all who hate to see GrokWar and have in the past cried halt to it on this board to examine the IP-Wars thread right now and determine for yourselves exactly WHO is determined to bring it back to this forum.

You might even ask WHY.

Those of us with legitimate issues about and around GrokLaw have moved virtually all those discussions elsewhere. We are still here only because we actually do despise SCOX.

So if you want to argue about GrokLaw ,,, that means you PENCIL_NEBULA, why aren't you doing it at CKX or IP-Wars itself.


Are YOU intent upon disrupting this board?

We will be waiting, both at CKX and IP-Wars if you want to discuss issues.

-- TWZ

Message ID: 205207
Posted By: ColonelZen
Posted On: 2004-11-13 22:08:00
Subject: Re: After Yahoo!, what?

Thanks to Andy's yahoeuvre I've been going through and saving off my own posts. Since I've posted a lot that's going to take a while.

I've previously said my posts may be treated as ccl/nc, so anyone can save them if they wish.

Depending on many other things I may save John's since he said his posts here may also be treated ccl/nc.

It would be a good idea for anyone who wants their history saved to make that declaration. then perhaps we can talk about somewhere to keep them collectively.

I may write a script to save threading/poster info just for reference to whom/how my posts and anyone else who wants to declare their posts available fit together. This might be technically a violation but as I won't be publishing it as such I don't think yahoo will care. Possibly if enough of us want our posts archived and agree Y! may give permission to generate an archive of voluntarily contributed posts and threading information on a non-commercial site.

-- TWZ

Message ID: 205208
Posted By: br3nsc
Posted On: 2004-11-13 22:14:00
Subject: Re: After Yahoo!, what?

you are welcome to any of mine that might be worth anything
same license as yours

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