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Posted On: 11/09/04 07:57 am
Posted By: br3nsc (F/south carolina)
Subject: moderation on groklaw part 1

you must remember i am not a techie so dont fully understand all the ways things work
this post is from my perspective only.
i was going to post to ip-wars but i am not sure of html or any thing like that and didnt want to distract from headlines already posted.
i was a moderator on groklaw.i did what is called hide the comments if it was obscene in an offensive way and there were plenty of them.
but i also saw the hidden comments that were done and tagged *auto hide*
a lot of these were from anonymous but some were also from posters with accounts and at times with nothing offensive.i had questioned at times some of the comments that were done manually but these non offensive when i questioned would usually receive either no reply from pj or the reply that they were off topic and distraction .
i myself developed doubts back when the patent story broke about 283 patents infringing by osrm.
no excuse for holding the belief except the end goal was still there.i asked pj questions about osrm but i wasnt really happy with answers.nothing specific tho.just unease on my part.
the nail to finish this was when jgabriel account was deleted.
cont in part 2

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Posted On: 11/09/04 08:07 am
Posted By: br3nsc (F/south carolina)
Subject: moderation on groklaw part 2

when his account was deleted i thought back to the many times i had defended PJ on yahoo scox matter how strongly i might have defended he *always* remained polite.he was also that i remembered from the very early days on radio.he was one that i had trusted and read his comments and was sad when i couldnt find his comments.then i got to thinking about some other voices that had started with us in the early days and harlan.this question had come up several times.there was just noway to continue to make excuses.
my own eyes just could not ignore and use any excuses to explain.
i wrote to PJ about jgabriel and have not received any reply even now.
my moderation status was removed either because of the email to pj about jgabriel or because of the questions i voiced on yahoo scox board.

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