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Posted By: dreadpenguin
Posted On: 2004-11-16 16:26:00
Subject: Dear Potential SCOX Investors...

If you have money you don't care about putting into extremely high risk invfestments, then playing this lottery is your choice.

However, if you need your money to actually work for you, please do some research, and not just reading the SCOX website. Or IBM for that matter.

If you are looking here for tips and information either way, then consider the quality of posters here. Do they provide information and links to independant sources for verification? stats_for_all and others here do.

Those referred to here as "trolls" often link to their own earlier posts here, quote previous posts, link to posts on another board, but have rarely, if ever, posted hard, verifiable, independant information to support their claims. They want to believe because this named or that named person is helping SCOX that that means they'll win. This is legal action before the courts. It isn't a popularity contest.

The stock will likely fluctuate up and down for quite sometime to come, but if SCOX is right, then you have until mid-2005 as the trial date approaches, before it probably shoots up.

Find out who's selling and why that is. Review the re-negotiated payments between SCOX and its legal counsel. What was it before? What is it now? Why would their counsel want it the new way?

Check out Ignore all the rhetoric, interpretation and general chatter, and you and a legal-minded friend should glance through the most recent filings and hearing transcripts. It is the single most complete repository for all legal documentation regarding SCOX and its cases.

Take some time. Do some homework. Find someone in the business with no ties to either IBM, SCOX, RedHat, or the others.
DO NOT RUSH TO JUDGEMENT. If someone you don't know personally is ranting and trying to pressure you to "Buy Now", consider why that may be.

Be well, and good luck.

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