Message ID: 208966
Posted By: mersenne137
Posted On: 2004-11-30 20:18:00
Subject: O'Gara files suit to unseal

Maureen O'Gara goes to court in Utah to unseal IBM depositions.

Message ID: 208974
Posted By: karl_w_lewis
Posted On: 2004-11-30 20:43:00
Subject: Re: O'Gara files suit to unseal

Wow. What a piece of stuff that is.

"IBM has been particularly free with the seal."

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops. Yeah, because if people could all read IBM's source code then they'd know that the SCOundrels are right. Oh yeah. That's the problem with this case, IBM is hiding its defenses, not that the SCOundrels are hiding their charges.

And the related article:

"SCO Finally Makes Groklaw's Mistress Blanch"

I feel like I need a shower.


Maybe Biff == O'Gara.

Message ID: 208975
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2004-11-30 20:47:00
Subject: Re: O'Gara looks more like paid stooge

First SCOG airs sealed material in court.

No one but OGara airs the material.

SCOG fed O'Gara information she should'nt have had.

Then OGara files to unseal more "evidence" that will make SCOG look good?

OGara files to unseal THE SAME SEALED STUFF THAT SCOG tried to get into public hands & failed?

Does this look like SCOG taking a second kick at the can to get this material out? Their first attempt backfired on OGara & now OGara has a "personal" stake in it?

GIVE ME A BREAK. How much more incestual coudl Drook McSlide & OGara get?

Message ID: 208995
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2004-11-30 21:43:00
Subject: Re: O'Gara files suit to unseal

Is this good news? Seems to me that no matter how this turns out, O'Gara is going to look like an ass, again.

Either O'Gara will fail to get anything unsealed, or O'Gara will get something unsealed and it will be a huge non-event.

Message ID: 209008
Posted By: ruidhmurphy
Posted On: 2004-11-30 22:52:00
Subject: Re: O'Gara files suit to unseal

>> Either O'Gara will fail to get anything unsealed, or O'Gara will get something unsealed and it will be a huge non-event.<<

We already know what this is. Some IBM manager somehwere wrote legal and asked if IBM had the proper licenses to distribute AIX 5L on Power PC architecture. IBM complained when this email was produced because communications with the IBM legal department are priviledged.

The sad thing is that this claim is going nowhere fast. It means absolutely nothing that some random desk jockey hailed legal before he gave a go-ahead. The claim isn't compulsory and Kimball won't let SCOX add a non-compulsory claim to the case at this late date. Since it won't fall in SCO v. IBM, it won;t be in the legal cap and SCOX will have to file a seperate suit (and find the do-re-mi to fund it) against IBM to press these lame charges.

Message ID: 209017
Posted By: br3nsc
Posted On: 2004-11-30 23:59:00
Subject: Re: O'Gara files suit to unseal

i love the idea
i think ms ogara deserves applause for her attempt

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