Message ID: 211920
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2004-12-09 21:05:00
Subject: Korbomite!

You're back. A long time no read. Glad to see you. The quality of trolling has not increased. The same old game: ladder, paint, sell, thin, ladder, paint.

They have been shorting this thing like a pig, but they claim it's someone else and they are just doing the short squeeze. Maybe if they tried Ex-lax they wouldn't have to squeeze so hard.

Anyway, they are still up to the same old tricks and gags. A bunch of manky gits that never managed to graduate from Clue U.

Good to see you are still around.


Message ID: 211923
Posted By: br3nsc
Posted On: 2004-12-09 21:21:00
Subject: Re: Korbomite!

welcome back
have missed seeing you post

Message ID: 211940
Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2004-12-09 22:56:00
Subject: Re: Korbomite!

Howdy, all...I've been watching you guys the whole time.

I'm just REALLY getting tired of watching this particular headless chicken dance around the barnyard, spewing blood, carnage and mess...

To quote an especially popular Red State/Jesusland 'pundit,' the courts and the SEC need to "git 'er doooone," and put this chicken out of its misery...of course, under Dumbya, supported by M$FT and "Whorin' Orrin" Hatch: what do you expect, but that the tame courts and an impotent, tame SEC can't do anything against the interests of SCUMX's above-named sposors, and so make the US business and legal systems look like the corrupt, inbread, idiotic plutarchies they are....the 'investing community' in the US and the US media may be too stupid to see it, but the rest of the world is not (as the OPEC re-org away from the dollar yesterday shows), they are not sitting still, because of this rampant corruption in the market in general...

Anyway, only suckers are buying into this horror of a stock, and this horror of a corrupt US market.


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