Message ID: 212399
Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2004-12-12 12:52:00
Subject: Scofacts mirrors of GL, IPW, /. stories

Scofacts now has mirrors of the SCO stories from groklaw,
ip-wars, and slashdot at,,

In addition to providing redundancy for when you are unable
to reach one of the other sites, these mirrors have the
possible advantage that each is a simple list of links to
fast-loading comment-free story pages. (From each story
page, you can follow a link to the comment-laden version on
the original site, should you decide you want to spend the
time loading it.)

Within a month or so, I hope that these will enable you to
do google searches of the stories by using queries like

If you want, you can easily make highly-available, greppable
archives on your local hard disk, suitable for private
perusal, by making an appropriate application of wget,
e.g. "wget -r --limit-rate=50k". (You'll
need about 20MB space for gl, 500kB for ipw, 6MB for sd.)

Note: these are not currently set up to be updated
automatically, and it's possible I will only rarely or never
update them. Thus, their usefulness is just for researching
older material, not for keeping up-to-date.

(I imagine someone will ask, so: Yes, I got Jones's
permission before including groklaw in this. You can find a
copy of that written permission grant at the
homepage: "PJ's articles are licensed under a Creative
Commons License".)

Message ID: 219109
Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2004-12-31 17:18:00
Subject: Groklaw articles now googlable

The mirror of groklaw articles at
now includes a search box that will send your
search terms to google and do a search of all the
groklaw articles, as fetched by google's robots

You can get the same effect by going straight to
google and adding "" to your

Groklaw already has a search feature, of course,
whose advantages include that it is always
up-to-date and that it includes the comments as
well as the articles.

The advantages of this google searchability
include higher availability and advanced features
like word sequences, word exclusions, and binary

(Before following up to this message, please
consider whether your followup would better be
made to CKX #9508,

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