Message ID: 213666
Posted By: gopher_byrd
Posted On: 2004-12-18 01:54:00
Subject: Re: Canopy shake up

<< Why do you suppose Ralph Yarro and Darcy Mott were escorted from their offices today. Rumor is they were fired.>>

Where did you hear this? Please provide links.

Message ID: 213670
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2004-12-18 03:13:00
Subject: Re: Canopy shake up, hard to believe

who'd fire them?


ID created yesterday, but this doesn't smell like the usual bait that trolls use.

Message ID: 213673
Posted By: moonrealestate2000
Posted On: 2004-12-18 04:27:00
Subject: Re: Canopy shake up

"They shut the computers off and walkedthem out. Sounds like apower struggle..."

Yarro is the chairman of Canopy, and the building belongs to canopy. If I remember right, there is at least one additional Canopy company (Vintela) in that building, and a change at the BOD would have to be filed with the SEC. So what you tell is hard to believe without evidence. If you are right, it will be a perfect distraction for their next conference call.

Message ID: 213678
Posted By: phandsvrta
Posted On: 2004-12-18 08:29:00
Subject: Re: Canopy shake up : is it real?

Posting something like this under a newly minted ID isn't going to help credibility.

I suppose that you could be given the benefit of the doubt in that being an eyewitness, could mean that you would be at risk for reporting it.

However, my cynical Scottish nature is shrieking disbelief right now.

Message ID: 213701
Posted By: rweait
Posted On: 2004-12-18 10:51:00
Subject: Re: Canopy shake up : is it real?

Perhaps you can get this info to Mims, at the SLC Tribune, he could then chase the info down for confirmation and keep you and your eye-witnesses anonymous.

Message ID: 213703
Posted By: nobbutl
Posted On: 2004-12-18 10:57:00
Subject: Re: Canopy shake up : is it real?

<< You guys on this board are tough nuts to crack.>>

Thanks :-)

Once the story breaks elsewhere you will have a *lot* of respect here, until then you and we are all going to have to be patient... but for now you've got me regularly refreshing the SL Trib & Deseret News business pages ;-)

Message ID: 213704
Posted By: rweait
Posted On: 2004-12-18 11:01:00
Subject: Re: Canopy shake up : is it real?
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By: jj_franks

<< You could try KSL, the local TV station. They called re: this on the rumor he was arrested. He was not arrested, only removed. As for SCO having a good quarter, don't bank on it. Oh the stories I could tell...>>

Are you claiming that they called _you_ for confirmation? Where is their report? I would like to see a second source of this rumour. Nothing on the Trib site, nothing on KSL tv site. How about a link?

Message ID: 213706
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2004-12-18 11:10:00
Subject: Re: Canopy shake up : is it real?

You guys on this board are tough nuts to crack. I'd suggest picking up phone and calling but it is conveniently a Saturday. The CEO's of Canopy held companies we notified, or atempted tobe notified on Friday. Canopy's Major shareholder is the Noorda Family trust and immediately following a shareholder's meeting this happened. If i can dig this up, someone on this msg board certainly can confirm.


JJ, there are two things going on here. (1) We have been listening to so much SCOX and Canopy crap over the last 18 months we do not believe anything unless it is confirmed. Preferably in court documents. (2) While we will break open the Champagne over the demise of Yarrow, this has never been about SCOX and Linux. The real question is what role Microsoft had in his removal. If what you are saying is true, THAT will be the next question.

Message ID: 213708
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2004-12-18 11:17:00

we do not have enough information on the Noorda family trust.

The only publicly known info seems to be that Ray Noorda became incapable of managing his own affairs and turned over the management of Noorda's money to Ralph Yarro.

This informs my (perhaps mis-) perception that Yarro could not be removed.

Yarro turned out to be a greedy, moneygrubbing litigious SCO & SCO.

And you'll have to forgive my first replies as being skeptical. It's my default position, ESPECIALLY on this board with the likes of Ledite trying to spread buyout rumors & rumors of "hundreds of companies stampeding for Linux licenses" over the last 2 years.

ESPECIALLY vis-a-vis liyn' Drool McSlide.

Message ID: 213713
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2004-12-18 11:32:00
Subject: canopy shakeout ?? HMMM......

if Ralphie boy saw this coming and this is the first step in Canopy getting rid of their SCOG holdings

... Then ...

"Change of control" provisions for Darl's protectin are NOT about a buyout but about a SELLOUT.

Message ID: 213771
Posted By: stats_for_all
Posted On: 2004-12-18 20:18:00
Subject: Noorda site off line

FWIW: at 216<dot>250.129.56 fails to load.
The NFT netblock includes sco and canopy sites which load fine. The only other dead address I find in the netblock is

Google cache has the NFT home page. (saved 12/13/04)

The Canopy fax number is also appears disconnected today. I don't know its normal weekend status.

Guidestar has tax reports for "Worth of a Soul" foundation which is the non-profit funded by NFT (to 100 million). I don't believe NFT has public filing requirements

Ray, his wife Leweena, and daughter Val Kriedel are the trustee of "Worth of a Soul"

Val Kriedel has a Huntington Beach, Ca address, but is variously reported to be a "secretary" at Canopy. She serves as a director at MTIC. MTIC is Tom Raimondi's data storage company with a major Canopy investment. Val Kriedel was not mentioned in the poison pen letter sent Groklaw when Raimondi resigned 11/24/04. MTIC has a new outside CFO.

Message ID: 213893
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2004-12-19 18:12:00
Subject: Any Canopy/Yarro confirmation?<eom>

< EOM>

Message ID: 214411
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2004-12-20 18:00:00
Subject: no confirmation, on Yarro eh?

Good thing I put "If you're right" in all my replies.

Too bad, though ... Yarro getting turfed would've been good.

Message ID: 214456
Posted By: tom_traynor
Posted On: 2004-12-21 00:35:00
Subject: Re: no confirmation, on Yarro eh?

S> I would have thought that the local media would have reported on it but most all involved have been put under a great deal of pressure

A> It should have been in the locals at least. Found that he has a financial services / telecom background. It is a bit hard to believe, no press release, nothing at the SEC, nothing on Google, nothing on Reuters.

Message ID: 214457
Posted By: stats_for_all
Posted On: 2004-12-21 00:45:00
Subject: William Mustard, Investigator

William Mustard is listed on the "" consultant list as a managing director in Telecom and Financial Services.

He worked for "Stenbeck Group" (CEO Financial Investigative Division)" and as a CPA for Ernst and Young. Stenbeck is a European conglomerate. specializes in the Interim and Permanent Executive Placement

"Since Smooth Engine’s team is comprised of senior level executives, the firm offers access to a broad network of contacts and resources. Smooth Engine leverages this network to help clients fill certain management needs, on either an interim or permanent basis."


Message ID: 214652
Posted By: fj2play
Posted On: 2004-12-21 12:16:00
Subject: jj_franks I apologize

I just called the canopy group at the phone number listed on their website and asked who their CEO was.

After a brief pause, the answer was "Bill Mustard". In message 214356 I was not shocked at no news, but clearly jj_franks did have some good inside info. I apologize for making fun of your "prediction".

Message ID: 214665
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2004-12-21 12:24:00
Subject: Re: jj_franks I apologize & thanks

that puts me in a bind.

First I was completely skeptical.

Then I half-believed because Yarro's departure made sense out of the 8-k.

Then after no-confirm Monday I gleefully chortled about never completely believing.


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