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Posted By: mersenne137
Posted On: 2004-12-31 12:21:00
Subject: A most cordial conversation

I had an extended telephone chat with Mr. Tom Eisenberg. He is the fund manager who created an impression during the most recent CC. He is an affable, willing and curious conversationalist. Reminded me more of the cheerful counterman at your neighborhood paint store than a pinstriped financier.

His unfamiliarity with SCOX lore during the CC was marked. Still, his intake of breath and silence stunned me after he typed my recomendation of a website ["That's G R O K ...., its a blog"].

Stung by the drubbing he recieved over the conference call, he told me he has since called a close friend who has a major, long-term position in SCOX ,"Its a six billion dollar fund, they know what they are doing." He urged me to do something similar, "Call Chuck Royce, ask him what your asking me."

Mr. Eisenberg was sensitive to the impression he made, "Think of me like Columbo, sure the questions were "dumb", but those naive questions get the most honest answers."

My own feelings as I completed the call were sheer terror at the superficiality of research that goes into Wall Street deals. Stocks are bought and sold on the recommendations of the friends who control the market.

For SCOX in particular, his call shows that as late as Christmas there were still big funds that "believed", or at the very least were willing to trick "old friends" while they made their getaway.

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