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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2005-01-03 13:05:00
Subject: The Internet's WORST Investment Scam

...hands down, no contest, it is SCOX, this stock scam and Internet and Stock Fraud.

This is a stock scam and massive fraud, continued, in an organized manner. It has been since before the CALD IPO that started it.

This is just the latest implementation of the scam by the same criminals who have been behind it all along.

The only difference is that bigger criminals, with more money, from Redmond, WA, USA, have helped to bankroll this phase, knowing full well that it is just a stock scam and a criminal fraud.

When will law enforcement and the SEC wise up and begin to stop these criminals in Lindon and Redmond?


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2005-01-06 17:00:00
Subject: Today was paint and more manipulation support this ongoing criminal stock scam...low volume, mostly transfer and no net gain in holders and no net change in sympathys/attitudes...who will you "longs" sell to when nobody wants to buy into this criminal enterprise...

We've seen it before...

Have you seen one example of winning evicdence on the part of SCOX? ONE example of 10 lines of code copied "literally"?

I thought not...

That is because there isn't any.


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2005-01-23 22:11:00
Subject: ALL the newSCOldera shills are back

We gotta teach them the same lessons we taught them last year and the year before all over again, gang.

Too bad they are too stupid to learn.

This is and always has been a criminal stock scam, perpetrated on the markets and shareholders by Caldera, before it went public. The newSCOldera scam is just the same stock scam in different clothing, with the same Insider criminals behind it and with the addition of Bill Gates, and other Microsoft Insiders and the Microsoft and Sun Corporations and other corporations and individuals as criminal co-conspirators.

This is a stock scam. Investors beware. Be advised that there are open and unsettled and many more pending shareholder class action lawsuits in the New York State Supreme Court and in other criminal and civil courts and open criminal investigations with the DoJ and SEC into the actions of the owners and others involved in the Caldera and newSCOldera criminal stock scams.


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2005-02-10 03:19:00
Subject: Let us not forget:

The Intel subpoenas.

BTAIM, however, I expect the clueless ANALysts and MOG-the-slut to play this up to the hilt, so expect it to possibly go as high as 7 - to - 10 in the next two weeks.

When the Insider bailing becomes TOO obvious, the last nail will be driven, the Street will tire of this stock scam and SCO will finally die, as a company, but probably remain as a case, a memorial to the corrupt US "justice" system, as much as our new Attorney Generallissimo.

I believe we will have to tolerate these shills only until the end of March, therefore, when the money runs out and the stock is delisted.

Waiting for the LamLaw blog/opinion, as well as Moglen and the OSS Law.


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2005-02-11 21:35:00
Subject: Lest we forget

That this is a stock scam and ONLY a stock scam, and ALWAYS has been:

At its SCO Forum event in August 2003, for example, the company said that using pattern recognition matching technology it had identified 1.1 million lines of code from 1,549 files of derivative works that had been donated to Linux by Unix licensees.


The company has shied away from presenting that evidence in court, however, dropping misappropriation of trade secret claims against IBM in February 2004 in favor of claims that IBM breached a contract with SCO by contributing its own derivative Unix code to Linux. It has also repeatedly asked for more evidence from IBM, including every version of its AIX and Dynix Unix operating systems.

Where are the "1.1 million lines of code from 1,549 files of derivative works that had been donated to Linux by Unix licensees"




Liars, thieves...TERRORISTS.

Darl McBride and Ransome Love,, pay your debts (to Society).

This is only a stock scam and those involved in the scam and this stock are thieves and liars, every one.


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