Message ID: 231805
Posted By: rweait
Posted On: 2005-02-02 22:19:00
Subject: SCO vs. IBM calendar


I've started a SCO vs. IBM calendar. It contains the due dates for motions / replies / depositions / court dates for SCO vs. IBM. ... OKay, it doesn't contain all of those things yet, but it could. For now it has a few interesting dates for February 2005.

You can download the calendar, or subscribe to it for updates. Mozilla / SunBird (.ics) format.

Once we fill the IBM calendar we can certainly add others for DC, RH, AZ. I'll host those too, as long as the bandwidth doesn't go crazy.

See some details and leave comments and suggestions, here:

Or just jump to the calendar file, here:

Message ID: 232488
Posted By: rweait
Posted On: 2005-02-04 20:10:00
Subject: SCO legal calendars (update)

Update: Calendars added for AutoZone, Red Hat, and Novell.

I'll post this again, Monday

Message ID: 232502
Posted By: coredump11
Posted On: 2005-02-04 21:44:00
Subject: Re: SCO legal calendars (update)

Here are some corrections/additions for the IBM one:

Feb 11: IBM to file memorandum (not motion) in opposition...
Feb 11: s/consideration/reconsideration/

Feb 11 (deadline), Feb 25 (deadline), Mar 11 and all later dates: these were all striken by Wells' order.

Other dates:
Mar 18: discovery ordered in Jan 18 order is due (but now this will probably be moved because of the motion for reconsideration) Source: IBM-377.pdf
Mar 25: IBM and SCO to submit a proposed amended scheduling order. Source: IBM-377.pdf

Message ID: 232931
Posted By: rweait
Posted On: 2005-02-07 09:21:00
Subject: SCO legal calendars (update)

Update (Friday): Calendars added for AutoZone, Red Hat, and Novell.

Added today: Canopy

As always, you would have to be a fool to view these as official, or even accurate. I hope that they will give us an indication of when to expect documents or real news.

You'll note that I have not shown an expected delivery date for PSJ-CC10. This is not because I am disinterested. If His Honour would care to add that date to the IBM calendar that would be just fine. ;-)

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