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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2005-02-03 16:40:00
Subject: Yarro restrain ord denied; hearing 3/8

At I now have
complete docket listings of the Yarro v
Kreidel and Canopy v Yarro cases.

I don't have copies of any of the
documents yet, and I probably won't
receive any from the court before
Monday, but you can see on the docket
that several people have been ordering
them, and I imagine they might show up
on the web at one place or another any
minute now.

In the first case, there was a hearing
on Monday at which Yarro's motion for a
restraining order was denied. Canopy's
motion to intervene has been granted. A
four-day hearing on Yarro's motion for a
preliminary injunction has been
scheduled to start on Tuesday March 8th
at 08:30 -0700 in Provo, which is 6.5
hours before the hearing in Salt Lake on
Novell's second motion to dismiss.

"When it's cooking, it's cooking."
-- Stanley Motts (in "Wag the Dog")

"Canopy: it's what's for dinner"
-- National Association for the
Promotion of Canopy Consumption

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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2005-02-12 20:24:00
Subject: Yarro/Mustard war: docs at scofacts

For an overload of Canopy info, see for the first
500 or so pages of filings in the
lawsuits between purported President
Mustard and purported President Yarro.

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