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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2005-02-03 09:29:00
Subject: Amended dismissal of SCO's Appeal Claim

On Monday, Chief Judge Whitbeck's
January 21 order dismissing SCO's Claim
of Appeal was amended. The new order is
identical to the old one, but with the
title changed from "ORDER" to "AMENDED
ORDER", and the date changed from
January 21 to January 31.

My only guess as to what happened is
that there was some problem in the
court's delivery of the order to the
parties, and it was therefore decided to
reenter it with a new date to reset the
clock for seeking redress. Per MCR
7.203(F)(2), SCO now has until February
21 to move for reconsideration by a
panel of three judges.

(The new order is noticably fuzzier than
the old one. It appears to have been
printed out from the scan of the old
one, altered, and then rescanned. On
the court seal, you can't even read the
"circumspice" anymore, and the features
of the shield-bearers are so indistinct
that only the most adept woodsman would
be able to determine, without prior
knowledge, which is the elk and which
the moose.)

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