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Posted By: rgriffith64
Posted On: 2005-02-07 10:13:00
Subject: No Base Value to SCO

SCO is not a growth stock.

1) SCO's legacy revenues are drying up
2) SCO is failing to establish itself in a new market
3) SCO's cash flow does not support survival for more than the 2 years required to get to a "win" in the lawsuit game. (5 years if you add in appeals).
4) did I address the possibility of not winning the legal game it is currently losing.
5) Last major inside investors bailed and continue to do so at face value losses.

At this point the base value of SCO stock should be $0.00 The only reason for this not to be true is manipulation and market latency. Anyone joining the bubble is a fool. Those enticing others to join the bubble are the extortionists running the scam.

"We have never been profitable" paraphrased from SCO 10K.

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