Message ID: 235392
Posted By: trgreerca
Posted On: 2005-02-11 20:36:00
Subject: Ledite's M.O.

I've been studying ledite's modus operandi.

When I first started reading the SCOX board, I thought surely ledite was mentally impaired. Then I thought, well maybe English is not his native language.

Since he added no value, I placed him on my ignore list for a long time.

Recently, I started looking at ledite's posts again. Now I see a different pattern.

Just for the fun of it, allow me to describe ledite's M.O. using examples from this post (and others).


Pattern #1: ledite cannot spell.

Examples from the above post:
Ronna yur cavaleir Kinball estoople

I don't think you could accidentally misspell that many items in a short message unless you were trying.

Bob Mim's from the Salt Lake Tribune says this after ledite posted a message titled "Thank you Bob Minns" (231691):

"It's Mims, "ledite," and I'll bet you know that."


Pattern #2: ledite intersperses incoherent fragments and jibberesh among well-constructed sentences.

Consider this paragraph:

the judge said the same to sco. Then clearly stated that his hands are tied. The law in America is clear and he must grant SCO this victory citing precedence of why SCO has all the PROOF it needs. The contracts it has with IBM

The paragraph begins with an uncapitalized word and the last sentence is missing a period. But in between is long syntactically-correct sentence with multi-syllabic words that are correctly spelled.


I believe that ledite also tries to create a perception that is is not American. His comment in the above quoted paragraph contains "The law in America is clear..." which creates the impression that is different from where ledite lives (wherever that alternate universe is). There are many comments of this type in other messages.

However, ledite's posting activity is heaviest in the early afternoon EST - suggesting that he lives somewhere in the Americas. In fact, posts are centered around 15:00, which suggests a mountain or pacific time zone for his residence. (Isn't Utah in the mountain time zone?)


My conclusion:

ledite posts using an M.O. that intentionally masks his intelligence and location.


Why would someone do that?

Message ID: 235411
Posted By: heimdal31
Posted On: 2005-02-11 21:51:00
Subject: Re: Ledite's M.O.

An interesting stats post on ledite at 127355

ledites 61 rated post at 197595

231937 points out that ledite may have predicted Raimondi resigning from the board of directors, but when you actually check the threads, he was predicting IBM board resignations.

Of course, my favorite is message 180162 where he promises to send me one paper share of SCOX with "To heimdal31 from ledite" written on it.

He never followed through. I seriously doubt he is an insider, but he may sometimes hang out with people with inside information. Maybe he works at a McDonald's near a trading firm?

Message ID: 238397
Posted By: penguinista_liberation_army
Posted On: 2005-02-18 17:17:00
Subject: Ledite's true identity

OK, Ledite, I give up. Which are you, Beavis or Butthead?

Message ID: 238429
Posted By: stats_for_all
Posted On: 2005-02-18 19:07:00
Subject: Re: Ledite's true identity

As trgreerca has already pointed out in MSG 235392, Bob Mims dropped a very broad hint that he knew exactly who "ledite" is.

BMims statement [msg 231687] on 2/11 is:
> It's Mims, "ledite," and I'll bet you know that.
> :)
> Keep dropping hints like this, though, and even a plodding old hack like me will eventually figure out just who you are.

I note as way of confirmation of the Mims-knows-ledite hypothesis that ledite issued a frantic appeal to Mims to keep identities confidential yesterday.

See Msg 237675 where ledite leads:
> Dear Bob,
> Please protect the sharholder names. The linux penguinistas are terrorists.[...]I know this sounds like paranoid crazy, but please protect these investors ....

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