Message ID: 235510
Posted By: arthur_ski
Posted On: 2005-02-12 12:48:00
Subject: Canopy's way out (off the SCO mess)

The new Canopy director is in the process of realizing what unholy mess the SCO debacle is, for Canopy,

If W. Mustard is wise, he'd meet IBM people face-to-face, and sell them all the SCOX shares that Canopy owns, for $1.

Imagine Darl face when one IBM executive shows up at the next Board meeting!!! Priceless.

Message ID: 235553
Posted By: ColonelZen
Posted On: 2005-02-12 15:44:00
Subject: Re: Canopy's way out (off the SCO mess)

I more and more expect Canopy to bring suit against SCOX directly for various misrepresentations made to Canopy. Quite possibly as a stockholder, opening the door to other stockholder suits.

I don't know if it's possible for Canopy to sue SCOX for SCOX's statements and actions which may have rendered Canopy liable (but they certainly could sue Yarro for such, if he violated law, SEC regs or policies which may have made Canopy liable for SCOX actions).

Either way I suspect very soon if not already there will be discussions between reps of Canopy and IBM where Canopy is essentially saying "what can we do to make this up to you?"

Wish I could be a fly on that wall!

-- TWZ

Message ID: 235557
Posted By: arthur_ski
Posted On: 2005-02-12 15:55:00
Subject: Re: Canopy's way out (off the SCO mess)

Now that Mustard is in control (still tentative control) of Canopy, he can analyze SCO lack of performance against SCO's colossal legal liabilities.

He should distance Canopy from SCO, right now.
He cannot sell SCO; no one would want to buy that poisoned turd.
Beside SCO board is hostile to him. Yarro sits on SCO board, and Darl McBride has declared he's firmly on Yarro's backside.

So yes, peace overtures with IBM seem a possible solution.
Or else go down with SCO, hulled by Canopy's own rudderless torpedo.

Message ID: 235579
Posted By: arthur_ski
Posted On: 2005-02-12 18:50:00
Subject: Outside Experts, use SCOmarketplace !

Need outside experts ? Use SCOmarketplace !

Wanted a bonded expert in code search, to handle 2 billion of lines of code in confidence. Will have to do several fuzzy searches, to find a smoking gun or any usable dirt.
Might take up to 25,000 man-hours.

Only bids inferior to $4 million dollars will be considered.

Will have to wite a credible affidavit, gotta look good.
Might have to testify in court, if we're not bankrupt by then.

Thank you.

Message ID: 237098
Posted By: arthur_ski
Posted On: 2005-02-16 21:19:00
Subject: The Noorda's chicken-and-egg problem

The Noordas had to vote to oust Yarro as CEO, but for that they had to recover their lost status as majority shareholders.
So they voted themselves new shares.
Then they could vote to oust Yarro.

Of course, if Ray Noorda was incompetent in December, the whole thing becomes extremely dicy. Yarro say he wrote the by-laws so nobody can ever evict him anyways. CEO-for-Life.

Its good to be Jack when the King is out.

Message ID: 237139
Posted By: arthur_ski
Posted On: 2005-02-17 00:06:00
Subject: Temporary Restraining order

Don't forget that this was a very hurried and harried hearing.
After waiting 6 weeks after their resignations/firings, the former Canopy employees sprang a surprise Sunday evening summons over Mustard, hearing to be held tomorrow at dawn.
Mustard was well-prepared.
The Canopystas scored some points here and there.

At the end, the judge couldn't undo the December Board meeting just on the strenght of hearsay affidavits.

There are plenty of potential irregularities in the March 2004 meeting, in Yarro's 2004 stewardship, in the December Board meeting, and then the mass resignation/firings + suicide.

Don't be overly influenced by all the affidavits portraying Mustard as mean and unaware of Canopy's business. They are self-serving affidavits. The canopystas can be lying thru their teeth, or deliberately inflating incidents.

The attorneys that were present at both board meetings can attest to Ray Noorda alertness. The Security guards present at the conference room can give contradictory affidavits.

This is a battle to decide if Ray Noorda's company fortune is to go to Charities, or if at least half of it is to go to the help.

Message ID: 237146
Posted By: darlmclied
Posted On: 2005-02-17 01:06:00
Subject: poor Ray Noorda, taken by SCUM

a lifetime of hard work turned to shit by a con man.

Message ID: 238644
Posted By: arthur_ski
Posted On: 2005-02-19 22:03:00
Subject: SCO is so Toast its not even funny.

We have Blake "BS" Stowell to explain away SCO's tiny accounting ripple.

Being unable to have one's books Certified by outside Auditors is a full-fledged Catastrophy. Even Chapter 11 bankrupt companies fare better.

-They are to be de-listed in 10 days.
-They hope to delay matters with the NASDAQ, (without filing a 10-K meanwhile). Nasdaq should reject those dilatory tactics.
-If they file a 10-K, they expose themselves to a whole new array of problems:
-Their Audited financials might differ materially of what they have announced to their shareholders in the year-end phone conference. Perfect start for a shareholders lawsuit.
-Their cash reserves might be near-$0
-Their 10-K might mention they are no longer a going concern.
-Their 10-K may contain several restatements that they somehow failed to mention in their NT10-K and 8-K.

-NASDAQ can suspend trading of SCOXE ....

If they never file a 10-K,
-They will be de-listed. No institutional holder can justify holding such a penny stock. The long-delayed sell-off will happen.
-The SEC scrutiny will intensify, leading to criminal charges.
-No bank will loan them money. Non-audited books are meaningless.
-They can fail to meet payroll any week now, even if their bogus books say they have $12 millions in hand.

Of course there is no chance they ever make it to Trial.
If they go BK now, they'll even escape any PSJ.

Of course, all their shareholders will discover to their dismay they now hold shares of a bankrupt company, with its main IP assets clouded by a slander-of-title lawsuit they initiated themselves.

I could go on, but probably Joe "Ledite" Bagholder will wait till BK day and beyond, just in case a Short Squeeze push the share price to $45, their target price.

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