Message ID: 235948
Posted By: spamsux99
Posted On: 2005-02-14 13:49:00
Subject: Yahoo SCOX/CKX C&B Project

Yahoo SCOX/CKX Crash And Burn Archive Project
Currently archiving 76911 posts from 107 posters

On January 14th, 2005 due to unknown reasons certain yahoo financial message boards started experiencing disappearing posts. On this date, cat_herder_5263 posted message id 223408 asking if anyone had archived the Yahoo SCOX message board. In SCOX message id 223465 I (spamsux99) replied that yes, in fact I do have an archive. I stated that anyone who would like archived copies needs to grant me permission to redistribute/republish their comments.

Responses to this post have led me to start the Yahoo SCOX Crash and Burn Archive Project. As you may know, at any time SCOX may either run out of cash, or lose their desperate legal lottery attempts to extract licensing fees from linux users. Once SCOX finally does crash and burn, they will be delisted and the Yahoo SCOX board will disappear. This project aims to preserve a record of the crash and burn, and to provide useful ways to access the content of these posts.

To make this project possible, I am asking for permisison from posters to either the Yahoo SCOX or Yahoo CKX financial message boards for rights to republish their comments under the CCL Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license. A copy of this license can be found at In case of the loss of posts by yahoo or the eventual shutdown of the board, I will archive copies of all posts by any poster who grants me these rights.

Periodically I will repost this message with a subject of "Yahoo SCOX/CKX C&B Project". If you wish to make your posts available for archival under the CCL license, please reply with a simple message of "granted" to those posts on the Yahoo Message board. Due to rampant nym spoofing, only the actual Yahoo username replying to these posts is accepted. If you have multiple nyms, you have to logon as each one to grant permission.

The current home page of the Yahoo SCO/CKX Crash and Burn Project is A basic browser interface for searching and downloading search results in html, text, or sql dump formats is currently at Questions or requests can be emailed to mikey at badpenguins dot com.

Posters who have previously licensed their posts: aim_here2002, aka_whishing_well, anadromous_cowherd, annoyingcoward, any_old_email, astolmit, atul666, autoplonk, barkinfullforce, be2weenthelines, BigBadLonewolf, bike4freedom2, boyle_m_owl, br3nsc, brockian_ultra_cricket, bruce_s01, calibre97, cassini_watcher, cat_herder_5263, cbdudley7, chiefpad, codemangler, codswallet, ColonelZen, crunchie812, crunichy_loser, daavery54, deepdistrust, diogenese19348, droneckx, edlin_user, Eric_J_Landes, fannyminix, flimbag, floccinaucinihilipilificatrix, fnordius, frogstar_robot, g7syj3000, gopher_byrd, heimdal31, hgclayton, hjweth, idiot_spavint, infosecgroupie, ink_engineer, i_am_fava, jgabriel66, jldill22, jwhitf, karl_w_lewis, kernelzen, korbomite, laughing_vergil, leclite, lordshipmayhem, manyhats23, mathgeezer,, mrbuttle, mstormrage, mulletscooper, napoleon_reddress, nobbutl, nono2sco, oddtodd67, other_opinions, ot_hstoop, pentiger31250, PG_King, phandsvrta, preadapted, pumicepete, randomscotroll, rex007can, rgriffith64, room_one_oh_one, ruidhmurphy, r_u_a_pita, saltydogmn, scotrollbait, scox_on_the_rox, scox_wowbagger, sco_sho_path, sesostris_iii2000, shades6662004, sleeper72003, sonofnergal, spamsux99, span1sh1nqu1s1t1on, steve_houseman, stimpsonsaid, superspod, surfinserf, tampa_bayer, tech_nix_yoda, thanatopsis1011, thombone200x, tigerkitty2, tinfoilhat_brigade1138, tomfallsdown, tom_traynor, tortiusmaximus, t_i_m_ransom, walterbyrd, welcome_2_wally_world, whoreignsinmajesty, winterchild99

Message ID: 235966
Posted By: paulshirley2002
Posted On: 2005-02-14 14:11:00
Subject: Re: Yahoo SCOX/CKX C&B Project

My replies aren't exactly valuable but feel free to archive them.

Message ID: 235969
Posted By: spamsux99
Posted On: 2005-02-14 14:13:00
Subject: Re: Yahoo SCOX/CKX C&B Project

I was under the impression that it would just cease to exist, which is why I started this thread :)

On that note, does anyone know for certain that the board will just go away? Ever witness it actually happen to one of the yahoo boards?

If so, any idea what time in particular it might happen?

Message ID: 235973
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-02-14 14:17:00
Subject: Re: Yahoo SCOX/CKX C&B Project

I was under the impression that it would just cease to exist, which is why I started this thread :)

On that note, does anyone know for certain that the board will just go away? Ever witness it actually happen to one of the yahoo boards?

If so, any idea what time in particular it might happen?

SCOXE will not do it. Usually they don't even croak with .OB status, but they do go away when the stock stops trading. At least that was my experiance with one that I was tracking.

Message ID: 235998
Posted By: cat_herder_5263
Posted On: 2005-02-14 14:44:00
Subject: Re: Yahoo SCOX/CKX C&B Project

----------------8< Quote >8----------------
On that note, does anyone know for certain that the board will just go away? Ever witness it actually happen to one of the yahoo boards?
----------------8< Quote> 8----------------

you can still get to the Tarantella board. TTLA has been TTLA.OB for some time. For a long time the board was called TTLA, then it got other names. Finally it has reverted to SCOC (the original stock symbol for the Santa Cruz Operation).


Message ID: 236292
Posted By: heimdal31
Posted On: 2005-02-15 10:31:00
Subject: If Yahoo message board disappears

I'd suggest CKX as a temporary solution.

That is the board where we moved the Grokwars discussions to. For the most part, even those discussions don't occur there anymore. All that's left is some trolling and flamefests.

I'm not sure it works as a permanent solution, but it should do in a pinch if the predictions regarding the demise of the Yahoo board turn out to be correct. It also has the advantage of being included in the yahoeuvre screen-scraping. That means that any useful stats_for_all or atul666 tidbits that get dropped there won't be lost and unsearchable like they would just about anywhere else.

If the Yahoo board really goes, we can use that as a springboard and figure out something else more permanently, if need be.

I will also post notice on pointing out where we are congregating. I suspect that we could get Al Petrofsky to do the same on and perhaps even get some of the other sco related websites to do the same.

That way, if the Yahoo SCOX board does go suddently, we can at least try to get the word out as to where we are going.

My Yahoo profile contains a valid--though heavily spam filtered--e-mail address. Feel free to use it in the event of a disappeared board to try to help get information out regarding where we all will migrate too.

Message ID: 236319
Posted By: mullahsmulla
Posted On: 2005-02-15 11:12:00
Subject: Yahoo message board WON'T disappear

I highly doubt that the SCOX message board will disappear from Yahoo. A company which I followed before and after it died several years ago, Divine, STILL has it's Yahoo message board, despite it having been delisted and parcelled out into Chapter 11 oblivion back in 2003. hxxp:// People have been posting "LAST" forever, but the board still lives, albeit with a low level of pretty much useless chatter at this point.

Message ID: 236328
Posted By: spamsux99
Posted On: 2005-02-15 11:31:00
Subject: Re: Yahoo message board WON'T disappear

Why doesn't someone just email yahoo and request it be left up?

Would there be some reason yahoo would be required to take it down? Some SEC rule, or a request from SCO?

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