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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-02-15 14:19:00
Subject: No major decisions

Actually BIFF, you even sound lucid in that commentary. That's a major change in your online persona.

Now, there is the fact that SCO is a SCAM is one ideation, but another is that SCO has engaged in a priori litigation, Lanham Act violations, possible Sherman Act violations (propping a monopoly up with the old amazing miracle-cross-license, just-in-time one-single-day before the cross-licensing arrangements were to be reviewed by the Settlement Court and Judge KKK), likely Sarbanes-Oxley violations under several sections for failures of notification and certification to the public and shareholders of certain risk factors in a timely fashion ( in these cases exceeeding 180 days), Possible FTC cartel rule violations and other facts which lead me to ask:

Why should I listen to people who won't identify their evidence? Why should I believe that the SCO Group has some special power to threaten, deceive, lie or extort money from anyone? Why should I believe for one moment that SCO has ever been reasonable in their approach?

A reasonable company that thought there was a problem would have handled this whole matter differently. The plan was never to be reasonable at all. We all know this fact, so why not admit it? There is no evidence, even Blake Stowell said so - a long time ago, that SCO 2 had no evidence that IBM ever did anything wrong, or copied anything at all. It was SGI that they had the tiniest sliver of evidence about, and it really didn't matter then or now. Hell - SCO 2 hasn't even proven what they own. They just have their hands out with demand letters.

If that isn't extortion, then somebody has a wacky interpretation of the law. Of course, with SCO 2, that is not a surprise at all.

I don't see why anyone should ever have to cater to SCO Group's meaningless pursuit of FUD and dollars. I do see a reason that they should not be rewarded in any way. Crime shall not pay, and they shall not be rewarded for acting as the sock-puppets for this scheme, unless that reward is to face the charges for these acts and more.

Simple enough to understand. I know you can grasp the statements, but I am not certain if the facts escape you, or you simply choose to ignore them.

Have a nice day.


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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-05-19 18:54:00
Subject: How prophetic

The stock price today is extermely humor-filled, but we were all too busy looking elsewhere. After all is said and done, It's $4.19!

You just have to laugh. Even the manipulators are laughing, because they know it's a scam too.

Have a nice day.


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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-10-08 21:17:00
Subject: Why someone MUST do time here

If they get away with this scam - then no laws have any meaning whatsoever, and it's open season on those who piss you off. I don't htink anyone truly wants anarchy, but if they get away with their crimes, that is what is going to happen.

Just stealing a few billion here, hundred million there and they get away with it? Kenny Boy Lay needs rounding up and so do all the little SCOX munchkins and their cohorts in crime. Otherwise - there is no respect for the law and the laws are worthless, weak and incompetent.

Never mind, that's what has been happening for nearly the last six years, and yet everybody thinks they live in Disneyland.

Time to either enforce the law, or get no respect for it. I vote for enforcement. I like the system, just not the bozos who think that stealing a few hundred million isn't a serious crime.

Have a nice evening.


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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-10-19 09:13:00
Subject: Things worth suing over

1) Someone threatening harm (provided they have any real ability to do so) over and over again, because they falsely believe that if they just threaten someone, they will give up their efforts to stop you. (HINT: that which does not kill, only serves to strengthen resolve).

2) Someone acting to cover their a** by bribing a company to fire an individual when that person pointed out to the SEC their violations of Rule 33-7881, Regulation Full Disclosure - both on the Internet and on Television

3) A VC/analyst/broker who is pumping and pimping a stock while buying/owning the stock without revealing that fact and asking softball questions during company conference calls and running a report to scam investors about litigation success prospects.

4) A hedge fund manager who lies about the fundamentals of the stock while investing other people's money (OPM) in a stock-scam play to enrich himself, then quietly sells out his interest in wash trades to hang the other investors in the fall, knwoing he won't take the loss - just spread the misery elsewhere.

5) An employee of a major US corporation who was funneling money to invest in FUD litigation against a rivel product that was and is kicking their butts through grass-roots development - something they still don't know how to handle, whose actions were clear violations of a settlement with Justice.

6) A company lawyer who was involved with some very odd individuals who know how to program worms and trojans, in a peer-to-peer sort of way, even offering up some fame for a small defacement job.

7) A shell game of hide the capital through front-company trades while attempting to baffle the public as to "Where's the money"?

8) A lawyer who was advising clients on the investment side as well as the litigating side, and using that inside knowledge to trade on the stocks, all the while publicly admitting insider trading without a care in the world, and pimping their Intellectual Property practice, as well as bringing in foreign capital for the VC fund investor.

9) A bank that was knowingly hedging an exposure by a major corporation caught with their pants down, and was fully secretly funding the litigation through out-of-country investment to avoid the strict rules of law.

and finally:

10) Being mentioned in a press release by SCO Group in any fashion. Might as well start shooting the finger at your csutomers now - you do as much when you deal with SCO Group.

Have a nice day.


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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-11-21 10:03:00
Subject: Good Morning America

Hello all. Scam is still the norm for the daily rush Op Reports from this perspective. At least - they won't go free (and probably not quietly once the long arm reaches out).

If you want to gamble on this stock, take the gamble to Vegas, and make book and who sings soprano first when the vice grips. At least then you know the risks upfront, and no one is lying to you about your odds of winning.

As far as prosecution goes, my analysis is that the preponderence of evidence will favor that once the balloon is empty of any gas. When the truth of the irrational exuberance overcomes the hot air and flatulence from Lindon, then Justice will be swift and manifold, and no exit strategy will matter.

Don't worry, be happy. Have a nice day.


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