Message ID: 235709
Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2005-02-14 00:19:00
Subject: SCO loses yet another customer....

This ain't no cash register app we're talking about.

"CASI, a division of GE Interlogix, deals with the world's largest enterprise-class access-control systems, supplying three out of four Fortune 100 companies with its solutions.

Picture Perfect, a mature access-control solution from GE Interlogix-CASI, has been available for nearly 10 years, and is particularly popular with colleges and other large institutions that face strict safety requirements. "

"On the SCO UnixWare version of Picture Perfect, the system could sustain 50 transactions per second. When the upgrade to the Red Hat Linux version was complete, the system's capacity skyrocketed to 168 transactions per second. "

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