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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2005-03-01 01:11:00
Subject: SCO Witholding Evidence

Darl McBride, the CEO whose mouth writes checks his ass can't cash, claimed in 2003 that he had enough evidence to go to trial, even without discovery.

IBM has repeatedly asked for this evidence: the "mountains of code", "millions of lines", the identity of the "deep divers" and "MIT Rocket Scientists" doing "spectral analysis" and whatever else deep voodoo they used to conjure the "evidence" that the SCOG was showing to reporters, analysts, and prospective suckers.

Gregory Blepp claimed at one point to have this evidence in his infamous briefcase. Blepp and brifcase have since fled the scene.

Since day one the Linux community has repeated over and over: "SHOW US THE CODE!"

But the SCOG has steadfastly refused to produce this "evidence". Why, because it never existed in the first place. Just a few snippets of trumped up code for a dog and pony show to suck in the rubes, that were quickly debunked.

This was, is, and will never be anything more than a stock scam.

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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2005-09-28 09:51:00
Subject: Attn: Biff

Most of us on this board really don't care whether or not Caldera/the SCOG owns the Unix copyrights. We don't care whether or not those copyrights are upheld or invalidated. We don't care whether or not IBM or Novell get a black eye in court.

What really got us going is the slander and libel by McBride, Yarro, and Sontag, and their motley crew of supporters, against Linux and F/OSS, and the blatant stock scam based on that libel and slander.

What we are interested in is progress in the Lanham Act violations portion of the IBM case. We want to see the Red Hat case go forward. And we want action from the SEC.

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