Message ID: 242028
Posted By: rgriffith64
Posted On: 2005-03-02 18:16:00
Subject: SCO exec's delibratly destroying co.

SCO executive are taking deliberate actions which are destroying the company.

Path 1:
Darl and others have claimed millions of lines of copied code. This would be publically visible code in Linux. If SCO were to idenitify this they would have valid grounds on which to establish the SCOsource licensing.
Not idenitfing this to the public is destroying SCO as shrinking revenues and mounting legal fees drive SCO to bankruptcy.

Path 2:
Darl and others lieds about evidence. So rather than attempt to drive a real buisness the executive of SCO has tried to run an illegal shakedown racket of the programming community of the entire planet. This blatant illegal act in the name of the company is destroying SCO.

Pick path 1 or path 2, the executive of SCO are delibratly destroying the company.

Message ID: 242030
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-03-02 18:20:00
Subject: Re: SCO exec's delibratly destroying co


Scoxe is way up. Scoxe used to have a market cap under $6MM, now it's more like $70MM.

Can you name another company with fundamentals this poor, that goes up four days out of five?

Message ID: 242100
Posted By: rgriffith64
Posted On: 2005-03-03 00:13:00
Subject: sco license price of linux way high

With reference to the Declaration of Erik W. Hughes it is found that SCO sold 83 units of SCO Linux Server 4.0, for gross revenue of $9,209. That is a price of just under $111 per. That would be RedHat support level pricing for full customers not end user go away we never know you exist except we have your cash licensing deals like they want to charge everyone on the planet.

Extrapolation - the real "SCOsource" licensing fee should it actually be imposed would be expected to be less than 1/2 of the full support price, say 1/10 or $11 per Linux box. Not like they are ever going to get it but just showing how outlandish the $699 per box license request was given the fees they actually charged for full support.

Oh yea, and of those 83 units sold, 79 were returned for a net sales of 4, that is 1, 2, 3, 4 units sold in a 1 year period.


A company like this, is, well, just plain inconceivable.

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