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Posted By: saltydogmn
Posted On: 2005-03-04 00:18:00
Subject: Dear Esker: you suck as a troll

Come on, you worthless piece of shit. Your profile was only created on 01/20/2005; that makes you likely one of the SCOXE amateur night shills, and let me tell you, SCOXE is really getting their money's worth with the likes of you, qqq4bleedingcash, ledite the rapist, the gaggle of biffs, and thousand_peso_panties.

I'm going to totally nuke your stereotype of the people you THINK you're vainly, and poorly, arguing against. Here's my profile - no flame wars, please; I'm just trying to show just how diverse the Open Source crowd can be...

I voted for Bush Jr.
I have also voted for Clinton, Reagan, and Carter.
I have met Hubert H. Humphrey (when I was 9 years old, but hey).

I have voted for Paul Wellstone, and Rod Grams.

I'm a gun owner - 3 shotguns, and a 9mm stainless steel Ruger KP89, with Hogue grips, and a laser sight. I'm a damn good shot for a civilian, too.

I think Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.

I think Michael Moore is equally as big an idiot.

I love the outdoors.

My favorite Minnesota politicians would be Bruce Vento, Norm Coleman, and Tim Pawlenty.

I support the death penalty.

I'm pro-choice.

I think Bernie Ebbers belongs in prison; right next to Darl.

I'm 42, and I've probably smoked pot 10 times in my life, but I gave up all smoking almost 3 years ago. (I miss my Djarums, I'll admit, but I miss my Dad more. You figure it out.) I never took it (drugs) any farther than that.

I love my Molson Ice, and Jack Daniels.

I haven't had any caffeinated drinks for 33 days now - I want my Columbian Supremo coffee, damn it!

I think Bill Gates should lose at least half of his illegally-gained fortune.

If someone wants to be gay, I don't mind, as long as I don't have to pay for their choice. Oh, and they have to leave my ass and my unit alone, too.

I'm a recovering Catholic. While I believe in freedom of religion, I also believe in freedom FROM religion.

The government has no right to interfere with what I do in the bedroom, or the local pistol shooting range, if I'm a lawful citizen.

Lastly, I think everyone has the right to choose how their computer serves them. That is the whole point behind Linux, after all, Esker. You did know that, right?

P.S. What do I think of hippies? Well, let's just say that I think that Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead sucked ass, but I did like Neal on The Young Ones. 'Nuff said.

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