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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2005-03-16 19:51:00
Subject: Pending motions in SCO v IBM

Trying to figure out where we are
procedurally, I compiled the tabulation
below of all the motions now pending in
the IBM case.

IBM said in D.I. 388 back in January
that "we understand that SCO's motion to
amend will be heard by this Court".
That's also the oldest motion at this
point, so I imagine it will be the next
to be heard, but Kimball will probably
first wait for the briefs on 405
(Narrowing IBM's 9th CC).

On the other hand, all the briefs on the
motion to amend have been sealed, which
means it might make sense for the
hearing on it to be closed, and holding
a closed hearing would be the most
radically unopen thing yet to transpire,
so it might make sense to address the G2
motion about openness first.

Fully briefed:

322 2004-10-14 SCO: Amend Complaint
supp 323 2004-10-14 (sealed)
opp 337 2004-11-20 (sealed)
reply 369 2004-12-29 (sealed)
sur-reply 407 2005-02-18 (sealed)

340 2004-11-30 G2: Intervene & Unseal
(joined w/ 380 2005-01-19 CNET & Forbes)
supp 341 2004-11-30
resp 378 2005-01-20 SCO
opp 379 2005-01-20 IBM
reply 389 2005-01-31

366 2004-12-23 SCO: Renewed Compel
supp 365 2004-12-23
opp 395 2005-02-04
reply 409 2005-02-25

374 2005-01-12 SCO: Compel Palmisano
supp 375 2005-01-12 (sealed)
opp 406 2005-02-18 (sealed)
reply 419 2005-03-11 (sealed)

403 2005-02-11 IBM: Reconsider
opp 410 2005-02-28
reply 420 2005-03-14

Briefs pending:

405 2005-02-18 IBM: Narrow 9th Cntrclm
opp due 2005-03-23 (per 413)
reply due 2005-03-30

414 2005-03-09 IBM: 45-day extension
opp: 421 2005-03-15
reply due 2005-03-22

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