Clarifying the Record on Blocking Comments on LBW & SCO Grabbing Docs Update

by Pamela Jones

March 29 2005

I have gotten some email about something posted on LinuxBusinessWeek [ ], which reads as follows:
We have been removing certain feedback entries and disabling feedback sections of LBW stories from time to time to honor Ms. Pamela Jones' direct requests to LBW editorial department. We will be more than happy to display all feedback on all stories which are currently disabled.

- Off Hours Site Editor

Let me be clear. I never asked them to disable feedback sections. Never. There have been three occasions in the last few months when I have asked that one particular slanderous remark about me be removed. On the third occasion, I mentioned that I believed it was the same individual each time, and I suggested they block that particular individual or whoever they determined was responsible for the slander. I have never asked that all feedback to all the articles -- or to any of the articles -- be disabled. I wonder how many times I have had to correct the facts for these people? Too bad there is no equivalent to airline frequent flyer miles, but for fact corrections instead. I could fly to Paris. No, Australia.

Additionally, on the third occasion, someone left a comment mentioning that I had been asked by Sys-con to do a streaming video segment and that I had refused. While it is true that I declined the offer, as I decline all such offers, I never mentioned to a soul that I had been asked to do the interview. I therefore wrote to their editor, Jeremy Geelan, and asked how this person attacking me would know that I had been invited by Sys-con to do such an interview and had declined, since I had never mentioned the matter to anyone. Did they know this individual? Had they mentioned it to him? Mr. Geelan never answered my email.

You are free to draw your own conclusions, as I have mine.

SCO Grabbing Our Documents Update

By the way, SCO has now acknowledged [ ] to Stephen Shankland that in fact they did take documents from Groklaw and Tuxrocks to build their new legal webpage, just as we said they had [ ]. They might like to bring their DaimlerChrysler materials up to date. Here [ ] is where I have it all, and they can also just go to the court's docket sheet [ \, where anyone and his momma can download all the documents filed in that case.

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