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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2005-03-29 07:38:00
Subject: Autozone delayed another 45 days

On March 23, Judge Jones ordered that
the "limited" discovery period, which
began last August as a 90-day period, is
now extended another 45 days into the
future. Per previous orders, SCO will
then have another 20 days until it must
either move for a preliminary
injunction, or simply say "never mind"
and allow all activity in the case to at
last be stayed.

SCO's March 16 letter gives a gripping
history of the events that have led, at
every turn, to the need for more and
more discovery. The latest twist is
that "Counsel and SCO's expert -- a
computer software engineer -- were
unable to unzip or decipher certain
compact discs produced by AutoZone".

I think that, accounting for dates that
fall on weekends and slide through, the
play-or-pass action date now works out
to be May 31, the day after Memorial
Day. You might doubt whether this date
will stick, but be reassured that SCO's
letter says that "The parties now
request a final 45 day discovery
period", and the word "final" has been

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