Nicolas Richards commented on 29 March 2005:

Mom please come home. We love you.

Pamela Jones of Groklaw commented on 29 March 2005:

Could you please remove the feedback above?

I don't know who this person is, he is not my son. It must be Jeff Merky merkying the waters again.

P.S. We always ask you to remove the feedbacks we don't like. Please kindly remove this one.

P.S.S. You may leave all other feedback cursing out your authors and reporters, please don't delete those. I will reorganize the troops and we will start another smear campaign to post a bunch of unprofessional hate feedback. We are sick people, what can you say. OK remove the feedback right before this one, leave all others. Thank you and God Bless you!

PJ's Neighbour commented on 29 March 2005:

Ms. Jones,

Now your faymous you dont talk to us no more? Lotta people looking for you. Please open the doooor..


Pamela Jones's Neighbour
Apt 1B

P.S. I wish all these bad news people moved out of my building. I will have another meeting with the superintendent in the morning.

feedback master commented on 29 March 2005:

you want more feedback? i got lots of feedback, just complain i will keeo giving you more feedback. you want more feedback? feedback with photos? feedback with phone numbers? what kind of feedback do you want? i will give you feedback. as long as they don't get deleted

hey mister pj's neighbour commented on 29 March 2005:

put a web cam outside your door and sell webcasts to pj's fans

you can make more money than her paypall donations, then you split 50-50 with mrs jones

what town do you guys live at?

Pamela Jones's Neighbour Apt 1B commented on 29 March 2005:

I'm not good at computer stuff but Ms. Jones is.
She is in Florida for some time now. She doesn't get much mail at her apartment so we don't know when she is at home and when she is away. She said she would be away but its about time she should be back any day now. I'll tell her the news about the Web cam.

(By the way between you and me, she is a weird chick, don't tell anyone I said this.)

Merky Jerky commented on 29 March 2005:

hello pamela jones of why are you denying your baby? is this little boy Nicolas Richards your baby or not?

you claim to be the saint of open source jahova who declared a cihad against the mormon church thn why don't you just answer the question?

jerkster meister commented on 30 March 2005:

Did PJ write to Linux Business Week and ask them to remove more comments from this article yet? On her web site she writes that every other week she is on the phone begging them to remove comments.

So, Pamela Jones of did you call your son lately?

Zaphod commented on 30 March 2005:

Unbelieveable, what the hell has PJ, her son, god and whoever, to do with an article about HP's Linux bussines ???
I thought this is a site for informations about linux bussines ... instead I find a kindergarden ...

I agree commented on 30 March 2005:

I was trying to read an article since 5 days, these Groklaw people are flodding the comments of all articles SCO's name is mentioned, the publisher turned off the feedback, now they are carrying their arguments on wherever they can find a place to type in. This is unbelieavable. Yesterday they wrote a long story about why the publisher is turning off the feedback and removing all this nonsense nothing to do with HP's business.

Zaphod commented on 30 March 2005:

???? Groklaw is nice, and a lot of interesting information. The only thing that I wanted to read here at linuxbussinessweek was the article about HP. Instead I find stupid comments about ... I don't know, things that have nothing to do with this article. Who the hell ist interested when who phoned with whome and who is mormone or not ??? Crazy. I go elsewhere.

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