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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2005-03-31 15:39:00
Subject: Proposed schedules at

The competing schedule proposals that
SCO and IBM filed last week are now at

Kimball said in February that there were
to be no more dispositive motions before
the end of discovery. In the proposals,
both sides have put the date for
post-discovery dispositive motions in
March 2006, with briefing to conclude by
April 28 (on SCO's schedule) or May 12
(on IBM's). So, it looks like June 2006
is the earliest we will see anything
decided by summary judgment.

(Earlier, I posted message 251823, which
was exactly the same as the above, but
with the title "Proposed schedules at". It promptly
disappeared. My guess is that, when
mentioning URLs in the body of a post,
leaving off the http is sufficent to
appease the jealous and capricious Yahoo
gods, but in the title you're not safe
unless you also leave off any directory
portion. If this post also dies, I'll
guess that means that even "" is
unsafe in a post title.)

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