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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-04-02 01:02:00
Subject: connection too

Doing a little more digging - they have a trap setup onsite - probably logging IP address hits.

The clientele includes an interesting company, That is interesting. is a Baystar portfolio company (though they have been removed off the Baystar Portfolio pages now). Burst just settled with Microsoft for, what was it $60 Million or so?

What an odd coincidence. I think we have the fountain of this IP litigation strategy process. One of the docs onsite talks about the use of patents to cripple your competition. It seems that they studied the OLD IBM playbook. They forget that OLD IBM ran into big trouble with the government, and has learned a different tune.

79 pages so far - not much to see - but keep your eyes wide open for the trap - a 1K PDF - no data, tries to download a file to your computer. I'll be disassembling that one for malicious code. It will be interesting to see if the file contains anything suspect.

Just for those who feel so inclined.

There is a bright mirror deep in the sea of truth. If you can stand the image, no man can bring fear to your heart. I wonder what happened when ledite saw himself - did he flee the image? It certainly seems that way.

Have a nice evening - and for starters, see # 236581 and #24357 - there are some 1200 + messages to parse.


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