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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-04-04 00:21:00
Subject: Looking for mentions of government

Specifically SEC, FBI etc from ledite.


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Posted By: leclite
Posted On: 2005-04-04 03:14:00
Subject: Re: Looking for mentions of government

BIFF was a bit more outrageous with his "going sailing" fib, ledite didn't actaully talk much about the SEC except for complaining about people sending the SEC letters about him.

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Posted By: room_one_oh_one
Posted On: 2005-04-04 07:57:00
Subject: Re: Looking for mentions of government

Not exactly what you asked for, but one of my personal favorite ledite hoof-in-mouths:

msg# 185989

>> "Brent Hatch ibm wishes it had someone like him
It's nto what you know it's who you know.."<<

Just a stunningly stupid statement.


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Posted On: 2005-04-04 07:57:00
Subject: Re: Looking for mentions of government

I already have a few, Utah Senator, SEC and board member of SCO, looking for all such claims.



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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-04-04 07:59:00
Subject: Re: Looking for mentions of government

thank you, that's another.


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Posted On: 2005-04-04 12:09:00
Subject: Re: Looking for mentions of government
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He's quoting an article in 221534, but it ends with:

<< The conflicts of interest on Wall Street are too prevalent to expect Wall Street to police themselves. When confronted with an ethical situation Wall Street has repeatedly proven that their greed for power and money would lead their decision making process. This is only further exacerbated by a Federal Agency, the SEC, willing to look the other way due to the contributions this power and money can bring into Washington.>>

221714 has this:

<< Good question? The pumping of ivan etc. got extreme. And yes the sec just sold it to him for $500,000 i guess.>>


<< It is interesting to note that on SCO's board of directors is an individual who trains and wrote the book on the SEC.>>


<< Ask the latest desperado Eric Raymond.
Eric had a little visit by the FBI which crunchie is next.
Hacking sco site just makes the case for SCO.>>


<< with the recent hack it is worth reminding the readership of the 500 million reward.

The FBI is closing in. Let's get there first

OT : FBI subpoenas Fyodor over NMAP>>


<< One one side we have a company SCO. Run by devout christian mormon. This company is represented by Brent Hatch son of the powerful Senator Orin Hatch who sits on many of the most powerful comitties. Another of Orin's sons works for Sco as well. Orin is a republican but sco support crosses party lines.
They have David Boies the lawyer who represented All Gore the democratic contender for president.

On the other side we have ibm and the linux people. The big ibm complicit in holcaust abetting, exporting American jobs and other known wrong doings. We have Richard Stallman involved last weekend in a car accident killing someone. Who has delusions of being a saint, and document communist sympathies.>>

24061 and 23441 23062:

<< The following is fiction. The setting is SCO office in Lindon Utah present are the lawyers for IBM and SCO local legal representation Hatch and various SCO management.

Firstly IBM has offered a $250 million dollar settlement offer already. This offer has been flatly refused and countered with a 2 billion dollar offer by SCO or $153 per share. IBM then threatened to put this $20 dollar per share offer to the shareholders for a vote. SCO then showed IBM the poison pill provisions on the books and trotted out their new board of directors nephew. The new board of director works for Price Whaterhouse, his nephew, who he has every faith in, can update you on Larry Ellison at Oracles and others avid interest and unsolicited take over overtures. He is not authorized to tell you the price or the cash stock ratios of these offers, however in the interest of brevity your offer of 250 million is the lowest of those tabled to date.>>


<< linux distributed peer to peer too.
Senator From Utah same as SCO
coincidence I think not.
The Us has much riding on stonger protection on copyright in the Music and entertainement industry these forces will benifit scox>>

26755 has nothing political, but does have an interesting tidbit:

<< Regarding your investment banker friends. Tell them i am sorry about the TI thing. I did not know.>>

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