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Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-04-08 10:32:00
Subject: What Val's death means, and doesn't mean.

There is, yet another, "oh please stop picking on Val" article on groklaw.

The peculiar thing is: nobody is, or has been, picking on Val to begin with. Nobody on these message boards anyway. So why do they keep on and on, with all these requests?

I get the feeling that the Noordas want all discussion, and especially all investigation, of the Noorda's involvement in the scoxe-scam, to stop. The Noorda's are trying to imply that anybody who believes that the Noordas could possibly be involved, is insensitive to Val's memory.

IMO: Val's death doesn't prove anything about the Noorda's involvement - one way or the other. Val's death, of itself, does not automatically put the Noordas above suspecion.

Message ID: 253622
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-04-08 11:37:00
Subject: Re: What Val's death means, and doesn't

OK, I read it. My take is that Brent was talking about the people we all know and love: Endarle, Didio, and MOG. The first two he mentioned by name. The last one he mentioned the completely innaccurate "Heat Attack" article.

The only one he left out specifically was Lyons, I assume because Lyons wrote nothing in public about it.

Er, Walter, you have a problem with bashing what that group writes?

Actually, I thought it was a very good, and thoughtfully written letter, and I read nothing in it that hinted we are being disrespectful of Val's memory. It did contain more than a hint at what happened though.

Message ID: 253676
Posted By: fnordius
Posted On: 2005-04-08 14:04:00
Subject: Why did Brent Noorda post on Groklaw?

I think the answer is that at least some of the younger Noordas had become aware of Groklaw by last November. The anonymous GL post pointed out by stats_for_all (post #209187) shortly after it appeared shows detailed knowledge of the inside workings of Canopy/SCO, and ample knowledge of the Tustin-based MTI. As he also pointed out, it omits mention of Val. She, like MTI, was in Orange County, California.

I think that the Groklaw post was made either by Val or by someone very close to her. In that context, it makes a lot of sense that her brother went there to post yesterday.

Whoever it was, they have my gratitude for severely beating us about the head with a clue stick. Until that post, we almost universally assumed that the whole crackpot scheme was Darl's.

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