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Posted By: rgriffith64
Posted On: 2005-04-11 23:26:00
Subject: SCO where's the value?

This is not about Linux, this is about SCOXE acting like a real company.

This is the stock board for SCOXE. This is about a company building value for long term public investors.

SCOXE needs to be asked, what are they doing to insure the long term survival of the company and the building up of value for investors? A number of "distressed company" specialists are on record as holding SCOXE stock at this point in time. Should the normal investor abandon the company to such holders or does SCOXE represent value for the common investor?

Whatever comes out of this conference call SCOXE is facing a very big battle to convince anyone that there is value left in the company.

The balance sheets show red, red, red. The court cases will not be resolved before SCOXE runs out of money. SCOXE is facing a number of potentially very damaging counter claims. Big inside investors from last year bailed out at very public losses.

At this point SCOXE is facing the crisis of respectability, not as a legal issue, but as an actual company producing value. There have been several possibly questional aquisitions by SCOXE that transfered capital to Canopy. SCOXE is not producing, and never has, any profit from its legacy buisnesses. SCOXE abandoned the line of buisness it had before buying "UNIX" from what is not Tarantula. SCOXEs only hope of profitability is a lawsuit in which SCOXE cannot even get the claims straight, let alone provide any credible evidence.

SCOXE is facing a crisis as a buisness at this point in time as it is becoming more and more evident that SCOXE is not a viable buisness and cannot build or maintain value for the company or for stock holders.

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