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Posted By: saltydogmn
Posted On: 2005-04-13 21:40:00
Subject: SCOXE scumbags listing

Umm, yeah. Hell yeah! Exactly what the Big El just said, but at least include all that deserve it...

(Saltydogmn's Short List of Fucking Scumbags)

Darl Mc Bride
(as already mentioned)

Bert Young

Blake Stowell

Ralph Yarro

Ryan Tibbitts

Chris Sontag

Jeff Hunsaker

David Boise

Darcy Mott




any other shill from this board
(except esker)

Maureen O' Gara

Laura DiDio

Dan Lyons

Rob Enderle

Bill Gates

Steve Ballmer

(wait, that's me!)

anyone else I missed,

and Ashlee Simpson.

There are at least 2 people dead now,
DIRECTLY due to all of your actions in this lucrative stock scam/pump and dump/FUD machine,
and you will all get yours when your time comes.

Karma is a fucking bitch, and man, she is PISSED.

(Funny how so many fucking scumbags on that list went to BYU... coincidence? I think not.)

Message ID: 255456
Posted By: saltydogmn
Posted On: 2005-04-13 21:59:00
Subject: Re: SCOXE scumbags listing

Add the following...


(if not already on the list)


(for not spelling Boies correctly - D'oh!)

Is it okay to biffslap yourself?

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