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April 21 2005

Thanks to Chris Brown and PJ.

Mighty speedy!

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09:09 PM EDT

Did they see?

By Anonymous

April 21 2005

Since we probably soon are to see some revelations of how
great the case goes for SCO and how this was another
victory in court from our friend MoG, I was just curious
did anyone see here there getting her scoop?

10:40 PM EDT

Not I.

By chrisbrown

April 22 2005

I specifically looked at everyone there to spot her. I thought one person might
have been & verified it wasn't when I got home by looking at Maureen's Pic.

Verdict: Not Present.

12:23 AM EDT

Next Week?

By rsteinmetz70112

April 22 2005

Are you planning to go next week? It promises to be an interesting event.


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01:31 AM EDT

Question for Chris Brown

By Anonymous

April 22 2005

Question: Did Kimball ask SCO's side how long they need to analyze IBM's
production of code????

Why I'm asking (all wild speculation - especially until we see the transcript,
I'm just guessing semi-randomly)

Assuming you are right about your prediction of Kimball imposing some deadline
for SCO to identify the code, I think this will be the issue that controls the

One of SCO's reasons for not identifying the code, is they need more time to
analyze IBM's production.

So I think Kimball might allow SCO at least as long as SCO wanted (in SCO's
proposed schedule) assuming they got the full IBM production on May 3rd (with
IBM's motion denied), and they provided answers on the last day of fact
discovery on SCO's schedule, i.e. about 6 months.

So let's say IBM produce on May 3rd + 45 days, which takes us towards late June

SCO get 6 months to analyze (which is what they would have got if their schedule
was accepted), which takes us to end of the year. Before final deadline for
identifying the code (taken from the idea in IBM's schedule)

Now we get 2-3 months discovery on defenses, which takes us to say March 2006.

Assume all the other expert-discovery and post-discovery events take about the
same time as in IBM'sor SCO's scheudle, that's another 7-8 months, which gives
us a trial in November or December 2006.

02:13 AM EDT

I'll Be There

By chrisbrown

April 22 2005

Tuesday, 3pm? I'll be there, and so will Frank Sorenson.

03:35 AM EDT

Answer from Chris Brown

By chrisbrown

April 22 2005

No, their were not comments or discussion that I can remember about how long it
would take SCO to evaluate IBM's code production.

For the most part each side simply handed Judge Kimball their proposed schedules
and didn't discuss much at all about dates. The majority of the discussion was
about SCO identifying the alleged infringing code or not.

In fact when Mr. Marriott gave Judge Kimball his copy of the schedule he
probably only said 3 sentances at most before sitting down. Judge Kimball asked
him if he had any more to say and wanted to make sure he could sleep well
tonight and not be thinking of all the things he wished he'd said. That's when
Mr. Marriott got back up and discussed the need for SCO to identify the
infringing code before end of discovery.

11:59 AM EDT

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