Message ID: 260294
Posted By: rgriffith64
Posted On: 2005-04-28 19:09:00
Subject: SCO still trying Linux extortion

I thought they had stopped making these claims in public. But no, SCO still claims
1) there is SCO IP in Linux
2) you need an SCOsource license to run the Linux binaries

In light of these public claims SCO has to have some sort of real IP claims against IBM. If SCO is not putting real IP claims (tradesecret or copyright) directly against IBM then all the stuff in the link is a straight forward scam.

Either the claims in the link are true, in which case IBM is a direct infringer or SCO's claims are fradulent.

SCO's failure to press these claims against IBM will stop them from being able to press any such claims against others.

Rock > SCO < hard place

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