Message ID: 260709
Posted By: ralph_spoilsport_1
Posted On: 2005-04-29 20:02:00
Subject: MOG's Day In court - Denied -

Judge Kimble's ruling up on GL

Message ID: 260746
Posted By: room_one_oh_one
Posted On: 2005-04-29 21:39:00
Subject: MOG kicks SCOG in the 'NADS

The grand PR stunt the runaway MOG attempted on Darl's behalf has probably crimped the scog legal team's preferred style in a major way.

The Judge is not a happy cowboy.

The scog's recent ability to get just about everything they file or say put under seal has gone right out the window.

There are some who feel the scogs will use aspects of the ruling to challange the sealed status of any (every)IBM submission as an additional way to game the court or stall, but did I mention The Judge is not a happy cowboy?


The debugging of scog claims will now continue in a very public way, with the resultant mockery highlighted by the failure of MOG's attempt to get *things* (that pesky internal email) out in the open, for delicious extra irony points.

Boot to the 'nads, way to go Darl & MOG.


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