Message ID: 262397
Posted By: brightshiningreflection
Posted On: 2005-05-06 23:07:00
Subject: Re: MOG piece smells really bad...

I don't get it. What does that dipshit MOG think she's exposed?

What the fuck is this? I see you so you have to be scared?

So MOG says PJ is 61. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? This is about the most astonishingly stupid column Maureen has written to date and that puts it in the company of some really scum-sucking, bottom-dwelling stupid columns.

Has anyone looked at MOG's picture? I know some 60+ year olds who look far younger, far healthier and way more attractive than MOG, whatever the age on her clock shows.

My guess is that MOG has gone over the top. This isn't about being a shill anymore. This is about MOG being an ugly, decaying old hag who can't stand to see someone else get appropriate positive attention for outstanding coverage of this case.

Message ID: 262400
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-06 23:21:00
Subject: Re: MOG piece smells but will it work?

I wonder if MOG will get the web-site hits that she craves?

Not from me. I'll just read about the MOG attacks here.

>> So MOG says PJ is 61<<

That's it? LOL! Hell, I thought scox was hinting at stuff *much* more sinister. I thought PJ was supposed to actually be IBM lawyers or something. I thought there wasn't even supposed to be a "Pamala Jones" as such.

Message ID: 262402
Posted By: rex007can
Posted On: 2005-05-06 23:31:00
Subject: Re: MOG piece smells really bad...

I'm not the biggest PJ fan myself. But I do have tons of respect for what she achieved.

This is the dirtiest, shittiest most stupid story I've ever come accross. Even politicians don't stoop that low...

On the other hand, we always thought that MOG was a big fat cow, now she's just proven to us that she a big fat dirty cow and we can call her that without remorse.

I wonder if the big fat cow still has much of a career?

Message ID: 262413
Posted By: heimdal31
Posted On: 2005-05-07 00:06:00
Subject: Re: MOG piece smells but will it work?

<< MOG piece smells but will it work?>>

That depends on what you mean by "work."

Will it serve any SCO purpose? I cannot imagine that it will. I suppose that the next article is going to claim some nefarious IBM connection. I don't buy it. There have been too many times where the PJ/GL reaction is indicative of an individual reacting, not an IBM department.

It could simply be that they are trying to sow doubt, if indeed MOG makes such a claim in the next article.

However, even if GL = IBM (and I do not think it does), it doesn't change the fact that the articles there are all backed with information you can check for yourself. All too often in this fiasco we have seen where the messenger is an authority that you have to trust.

What burns MOG is that PJ/GL have shown that the message can be central and be delivered in such a way that you can personally verify it and even are invited to add to it. It's a paradigm shift--and not even a paradigm shift that the paided shills can't deal with, just one where they have to change their approach.

But MOG doesn't strike me as particularly bright, so I don't imagine that she would be terribly capable of change at this point in her life, which probably makes it all the more galling to her that PJ is 61--because if so, then PJ definitely was able to completely change her approach and help to shepherd something new. So, as MOG learned more about PJ it had to be more and more galling to MOG.

Now, if "work" means "will it allow MOG to strike out in pain and anger and hurt the person she blames for her own failure," then unfortunately the answer is, "Yes."

I've had my differences with PJ. I still have some. But, I do think that what she as built is praiseworthy in many aspects. And, despite my differences, I think that PJ has a moral center. I cannot MOG's actions doing anything but causing distress--and I don't really think that the intention was anything more than that and hits. (You note that the site is a subscription site. I bet that the second installment is paying subscribers only except for a few teaser paragraphs.)

I also do not think ignoring it is the right thing to do. The genie is out of the bottle, so now all involved have to accept the changed landscape and figure out their next moves. I don't even wonder if MOG is hoping for an attack on her website to help create more news and drive up the hits. I hope that people refrain from that.

Knowing the high-powered lawyers that would be willing to assist PJ in a lawsuit, I hope that MOG steps over that libel line.

Message ID: 262424
Posted By: brightshiningreflection
Posted On: 2005-05-07 01:24:00
Subject: The tawdriness of MOG

I've now had a bit of time to reflect some more. The thing that so jumps out at me and smothers me in the stench of MOG's crap is the downright tawdriness of her attack. It's so characteristic that she thinks that age 61 is some coup she gets to count on the head of PJ. So high school sorority of MOG to act as if the description of PJ's abode somehow detracts from her work.

It's the shallowness of someone so base that they don't understand how what they say reflects on them so much more than it reflects on their intended victim. Gad what a lowlife.

Notice that none of my criticism is based on whether MOG's "revelations" about PJ are true or not. It doesn't much matter if she's got the facts right or the person misidentified. The low vileness remains regardless.

Message ID: 262428
Posted By: brightshiningreflection
Posted On: 2005-05-07 01:42:00
Subject: Re: The tawdriness of MOG

MOG could be right, close but wrong, or dead wrong. PJ might be the 61 year-old occupant of the apartment described. PJ might be related to a 61 year-old occupant of the apartment. PJ might be someone entirely different.

Doesn't matter. No amount of rightness or wrongness of the story makes it smell any better. It's the product of someone who doesn't understand the story. MOG doesn't understand the SCOX story and she doesn't understand the Groklaw story. For a self-styled pundit of technology she's pretty lamebrained.

Message ID: 262430
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2005-05-07 01:52:00
Subject: Bad move by MoG

Who is really making threats against whom? Has anyone actually published Maureen O'Gara's address and phone numbers on the web? None other than Maureen if anyone that I am aware of.

I don't care for her work. It is the lowest form of writing. She revels in the deaths of others - and ascribed motivations to the late Val Kreidel of which she had no evidence. That alone is a enough of a crime that she will eventually have to answer for, but it won't be my call - that is between Maureen and her maker. Maureen ranks right up there with the all time Yellow Journalists.

Maureen, do you really believe that your words reflect on anyone other than yourself? You are not a journalist; you have become a propoganda hack. You would make Herr Josef Goebbels proud. You've exemplified the one-sided slant that is exemplary of what is wrong with the shill media, and exactly why no one believes what you have to say.

I know what you are up to - going for the eyeballs and page hits to try to stir the pot some more. You really ought to be ashamed, but that quality never seems to get past the lack of a conscience in some people.

There is no objectivity in what you "report" - only a narrow-minded focus of hatred and obsession. You have written that PJ is a "paranoid" yet can you offer a sane reason why are you so obsessed with who PJ is? Has she got your number Ms. O'Gara, or are you trying to get her killed? Maybe that is why you took the unprecedented step of publishing her supposed addresses and phone numbers on the web?

If anything DOES happen to PJ - you're in for a lot more than you bargained for. I know that money makes people desperate, but if anything ever did happen to PJ, I imagine that there would be a lot of people being arrested, and those that endanger a life willingly would be as much an accomplice as those that actually cause the harm. Can you spell accessory?

Go ahead and wipe those hard drives all you want. Code remains, and the evidenciary trail won't just disappear.

Have a nice day.


Message ID: 262438
Posted By: spamsux99
Posted On: 2005-05-07 03:30:00
Subject: Depravity and Desperation

SCO is getting desperate, and there is no longer any doubt in my opinion that MOG has sunk into an abyss of depravity and will never crawl out.

MOG has abandoned any pretense of professionalism or ethics. Darl McBride is the epitome of moral righteousness in comparison to this woman. She seems to be so burdened with envy and hatred that she is willing to commit professional suicide.

I have never seen a published "news story" that contains not only the personal address and phone numbers of the individual that the story is being written about, but their family members as well. The tone of the entire story is dripping with sarcasm, irony, and innuendo. She brazenly and publicly accuses PJ of identity theft.

I can only guess that she is attempting to bait PJ into taking legal action, so MOG can learn her true identity. What other explanation can there be? Who outside of the SCO executives would even be remotely amused by such crap?

Why is SCO and their little friend so desperate?

Message ID: 262462
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-07 08:35:00
Subject: could PJ sue, and remain private?

Let's suppose that the piece is fake. Could PJ sue and keep her privacy? It seems to me that PJ's personal information could be sealed.

I suppose somebody could photos of PJ going in and out of the courthouse, or something.

Message ID: 262477
Posted By: nobbutl
Posted On: 2005-05-07 09:46:00
Subject: Nuke detonated, nobody killed

<< So, I say, go for it MOG, keep it up, give us all you've got.>>

She/they *have* just given it all they've got. And there's *nothing* *at* *all* damaging in it. No surprises, nothing that we couldn't have conjectured.

However, the fact that there's nothing that we might consider damaging does indicate that the public is not the target. IMO, therefore, the *real* target must be PJ herself. MOG/SCOX are playing an utterly disgusting psych game against PJ's self-admitted meatspace timidity. Yes, that's exactly the sort of psych game that could well end up with another suicide.

This, finally and at last, is SCOX doing its very worst.

If I were PJ, I would realise that the very worst that could happen *has* just happened, and it was one hell of an anticlimax. And I'd come out of the shadows with all fear banished and a renewed sense of purpose. But then, I'm not PJ; if I were, I wouldn't have hidden in the shadows in the first place.

Message ID: 262484
Posted By: peragirn
Posted On: 2005-05-07 10:15:00
Subject: Re: Nuke detonated, nobody killed

>> But then, I'm not PJ; if I were, I wouldn't have hidden in the shadows in the first place.<<

I have always wondered about PJ's reluctance to show her self, and even give live interviews.

I always assumed she was one of those people who don't care for the spotlight. I don't take center stage myself. So yea it's possible.

Odd considering she posts basically a daily blog, but that blog is filled with court documents not PJ documents. A slight difference that means the whole world.

Message ID: 262485
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-07 10:23:00
Subject: Re: Nuke detonated, nobody killed

I think you make a very good point.

IBM has turned over all the onerous discover. It's over and done with, on IBM's part. Nobody can say that Well's idiotic and biased decision is putting pressure on IBM anymore.

Similarly, scox's ugly little vile whore, has done her absolutely worst.

Scox has done it's very worst, and it was completely ineffective. And paybacks can be a bitch.

Message ID: 262503
Posted By: spamsux99
Posted On: 2005-05-07 11:18:00
Subject: Re: Bad move by MoG

> See, even though Groklaw treats cell phones
> like they were Kleenex and changes its
> unpublished numbers regularly, one number it
> left with a journalist led to this flat and -
>wouldn't you know it but - some calls from
> there had been placed to the courts in Utah
> and to the Canopy Group so obviously this
> just isn't any Pamela Jones.

How else can you trace a cell phone, perhaps multiple cell phones, to a physical location? How would MOG know multiple cell phone numbers used by PJ? She would either need access to phone records of people PJ called, or she would have had to contact people called by PJ and convinced them to willingly divulge the phone number used by PJ. I find it unlikely that MOG would somehow obtain a subpoena for any phone records related to groklaw. If the people PJ called gave up the information and they were acting in their "official duty", they should be fired from whatever job they were performing.

What journalist would give MOG the number PJ called them from? Whoever it is, they need to be exposed.

Message ID: 262504
Posted By: spamsux99
Posted On: 2005-05-07 11:32:00
Subject: Re: Nuke detonated, nobody killed

> I have always wondered about PJ's reluctance
> to show her self, and even give live
> interviews.

I have always been a bit skeptical of PJ because of her "anonymity", and my skepticism was further fueled by the way she treated me and others over the entire OSRM/groklow meta issues.

I now see the PJ was absolutely correct to be paranoid. She threw out some babies with the bathwater, after this hatchet job by MOG PJ I see that PJ's actions might have been justified. In the same situation I would have been far less friendly.

There is no justification to publish private details about someone, their family, and peripherally connected strangers. Particularly in such a dispicable fashion.

Message ID: 262510
Posted By: ColonelZen
Posted On: 2005-05-07 11:56:00
Subject: Backtracking

It's pretty obvious MOG used a PI. It sounds like the material came right out of the report with her precious spin to the material.

A skilled investigator would indeed know how to use "social engineering" to get a lot of otherwise privileged information, things like backtracking phone calls through vague misrepresentations, as well as how and where to get a lot of public information which most of us like (incorrectly) to think of as private.

A PI costs money. Who paid for it? The call to the PI by the Connecticut sherrif's office may be public record, if there is anyone in Conn with journalist creds willing to follow up on it.

-- TWZ

Message ID: 262524
Posted By: late_to_the_scox_party
Posted On: 2005-05-07 12:46:00
Subject: I know you're reading this, Maureen

"A few weeks ago I went looking for..."

Stalking sounds more like it, read on; Restraining Order, anyone?

"lives in a shabby genteel garden apartment"

genteel: adj: stylish : free from vulgarity or rudeness : polite. Concepts with which you have no familiarity.

"in desperate need of an interior decorator"

Two comments:
-How would you know? Is breaking and entering is acceptable behavior to you? Or was it somebody's opinion - if so, WHOSE opinion?
-Maureen, I've seen your picture - you need an EXTERIOR decorator. I'm afraid your interior is beyond any hope.

"Hartsdale is in Westchester and Westchester is IBM territory"

Westchester is in the New York City Metropolitan Area - the commercial center of the freaking Universe. It's Everything territory. Except Red Sox territory. Westchester IS also IBM territory. So is Yukon Territory, Kamchatka and Antarctica. Everywhere is IBM territory. The 'I' stands for International, and they mean it. Get it?

"even though Groklaw treats cell phones like they were Kleenex and changes its unpublished numbers regularly"

How would you know? I've never seen a phone listing for Groklaw. Been out stealing information you shouldn't?

"one number it left with a journalist led to this flat"

Which journalist? Oh, Maureen, you're so fucked. That number would only have been left with a limited number of people, and it will be trivial to discover who (Team Quatermas will see to that). First Amendment right to press confidentiality does not apply to conspiracy to commit a crime.

"some calls from there had been placed to the courts in Utah and to the Canopy Group so obviously this just isn't any Pamela Jones"

Publishing information obtained from stolen confidential phone records. Oh good, keep going, Mo. I promise you that your cellmate WON'T be a brutally sadistic sexual predator. You WON'T be beaten, bruised and bifurcated on a daily basis. Promise.

"the super didn't know much about Pamela except that she... was "paranoid"..."

Let's see, she's being stalked by a guy whose peers keep showing up dead, and by a bipolar menopausal shrew who wishes harm upon her. It's not paranoia if they're actually after you. And YOU are actually after her.

"sensitive to smells"

...just like every ex-smoker on the planet. Bravo to PJ, she conquerred tobacco.

Well, I could go on but I'm out of room. You're going to enjoy prison, Maureen. Really.

Message ID: 262528
Posted By: laughing_vergil
Posted On: 2005-05-07 12:52:00
Subject: MOG piece - actionable?

>>>> So MOG says PJ is 61<<

>> That's it? LOL! Hell, I thought scox was hinting at stuff *much* more sinister.<<

Actually, no. There are probably several actionable items in this article, things that stink to high heaven, things that no reputable Journalist would do.

For example:
"[S]ome calls from [this apartment] had been placed to the courts in Utah and to the Canopy Group so obviously this just isn't any Pamela Jones."

I'm sorry, but how does MOG know what phone calls to where were placed from the apartment? Snooping trash for old phone bills? Bribes to the phone company? This is *not* publicly available information, and I know of no *legal* method of finding this out. Either MOG is lying outright, or she is admitting to illegal (or, barely possible and depending on the laws of New York, just highly unethical) acts in a public venue.

She publishes the address and apartment number of the apartment. She published the address of a location in Conneticut that PJ had allegedly mailed a letter from (and how did she find this address?) which also allegedly belongs to PJ's mother, and the full name of the person living there. She published a phone number allegedly from Medabiliti, the company run by Nicolas Richards (and which is still in business - check their web site), and followed up with the general neighborhood (actually, a specific intersection) that Nicolas lives at.

As for the Conneticut address, MOG went ahead and published it after being informed that the resident "... was Pamela's mother and that Pamela was on the run and had shacked up with her mother because she had gotten "threatening mail" weeks before..."

Journalists have a lot of leeway, but I think that publishing the current address of someone who says (according to that same journalist) that they had been threatened recently should at least count as Reckless Endangerment or something.

This is a scum piece

Message ID: 262537
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-05-07 13:25:00
Subject: Re: MOG piece smells really bad...

I don't get it. What does that dipshit MOG think she's exposed?

What the fuck is this? I see you so you have to be scared?

It is even worse than that. My grandparents lived in West Chester New York, and it is nothing like Butthead, er MOG, is describing it.

Yo, MOG, get a fscking clue you flake. Research your domned articles before you write them. Oh wait, that would be journalism.

Fscking dipshiite.

Message ID: 262542
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-05-07 13:29:00
Subject: Re: MOG piece - actionable?

Either MOG is lying outright, or she is admitting to illegal (or, barely possible and depending on the laws of New York, just highly unethical) acts in a public venue??

She is lying outright. Clearly. The stupid old bag has lost it. Hey Maureen, sue me over this you slimebag. Make my day. Of course your weasel lawyer will have to explain your swill ridden piece if you do. Yeah, I know you read this forum. And you know it is archived, including your slime ridden article. Wail away. We are waiting.

Message ID: 262550
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-05-07 14:00:00
Subject: YO MoG - Flagon responds

“So who is PJ?” I asked.

Flagon just buffed her nails. “So why are you asking”

“Dunno, MoG seems to think it is important”

“Do YOU think it is important?”

“No, neither does it seem anybody else does either. Including SCOX, which could be taking direct steps to ID her if they think Groklaw effects their case”

“Does Groklaw effect their case?”

“No, just the public perception of it. No Groklaw article will ever be submitted in evidence for the case.”

‘So Why is MoG harping on it?”

“We don’t know. She seems to think PJ is an IBM outlet”

“And if PJ is a mouthpiece for IBM, how does that effect the lawsuit?”

“It doesn’t”

“So who PJ is means...?”


“Have MoG lick two toads and call me in the morning”

Message ID: 262569
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-07 14:50:00
Subject: We should save the article

It might be removed soon.

Message ID: 262581
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-07 15:14:00
Subject: PJ outting misguided even if accurate

Scox has wrongly assumed that PJ is the cause of all their pain. The true source of scox's pain, is scox.

PJ has done a great job. But, she's not irreplacable. Groklaw can go on without PJ. And there are plenty more web-sites where groklaw came from.

Scox may have awoken a sleeping giant.

Message ID: 262798
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-05-08 15:02:00
Subject: On further reflection re MoG vs PJ

So, Darl. About that conference call again. So let’s see, somebody’s fancy PI work turned up the fact that the person who runs Groklaw, who claimed to be a single woman named Pamela Jones who works out of her apartment as a paralegal, turns out to be a single woman named Pamela Jones who works out of her apartment as a paralegal.

About those surprising revelations you were telling us about....

Oh, and Maureen dearest, if Pamela is 61, and that woman you were harassing was her mother, that would put her somewhere in her low to mid 80's You know. Ray Noorda’s age. The guy who you said was declared legally incompetent because of age? So you say she sounded a bit addled by your questions? Imagine that!

Someone set up another wookie, Darl’s last one just went *poof*

Message ID: 262845
Posted By: mitmosnar
Posted On: 2005-05-08 20:31:00
Subject: Mo' trouble

So Mendacious Mo has decided to flame out in an onomatophobic siezure! At last the querulous quidnunc has become so fevered with malevolence that she has *destroyed herself*!!!

True or not, the execrable acrimony of her obsessed, afflictive "journalism" is an abhorrent hue of sickly yellow that may even be more repugnant than that of her brittle tresses.

Let's suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that OSRM had a fictional character created by a 666 eyed demon from the 9th circle of Hell summoned by IBM PR wizards working for them for several months. No? O.K., let's not. After all, Eggers, Ravicher and Moglen are all *in on it too*!!!

How about the other alternative, that PJ is a woman working as a paralegal out of her apartment?

Wooooooo!!! That kind of evil usually involves menacing finger wiggling and the stroking of piano strings!!!

What will Mo do for an encore?

She could utilize her unsettling facial topography to fuel a series of chilling slasher movies, or at least a series of Weekly World News articles:

Shar-Pei Woman Escapes!!

Woman Injures Herself Trying to Light Cigarette in Deep Fryer!!

Woman Rents Face to Scare Away Rats!!

I'm sure someone could do better here...

Thanks again,

Message ID: 262892
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-09 00:29:00
Subject: Strange to brag about PJ being

"on the run."

They present that as if to imply that PJ is guilty of something.

Considering the horrid harrassment and stalking of PJ, and her family, by the mog/scox thugs, I think it's a damn small wonder that PJ would be "on the run." The article mentions threatening letters to PJ, I see no reason to doubt it. If I were PJ, I'd take them seriously.

If this is the real PJ, then the sleazy thugs from scox have clearly stalked and threatend PJ. They have invading her privacy - and the thugs are *bragging* about it.

The thugs say that PJ needs an interior decorator, clearly they have seen the inside of PJ appartment - they are gloating about it. The thugs brag about obtaining unlisted telephone number - almost certainly by illegal means.

The thugs brag about harrassing PJ monther, who must be over 80.

Now the thugs are toasting and high-fiving about having PJ "on the run." And we're supposed to think less of PJ? I, for one, admire PJ's courage. Who knows how long PJ has had to endure this stalking and harrassment?

And the thugs are mighty proud of themself. It seems bizare to me, and I'm sure to all decent people, to brag about such thuggish behavior. I guess I have to remember who we're dealing with.

Message ID: 263252
Posted By: panglozz
Posted On: 2005-05-09 19:10:00
Subject: MOG now writes for home ads

The Google ad server parsed the MOG hit piece as a "Westchester Realty" news item, and filled in the links for upscale NY suburb real estate.

Shows the Googlebot recognizes this as not about Linux, but about genteel apartments available in Westchester.

The irony of MOG's incompetence is stunning.

Message ID: 263585
Posted By: laughing_vergil
Posted On: 2005-05-10 11:13:00
Subject: What's next....

MOG the Shill - Gone
BIFF - Melting down into Gay Nazi Paradise
FCS/QNC - Multiple meltdowns - 'nuff said
Ledite - Gone, gone, gone.

So, what new sacrificial shill will SCOX put onto the chopping block next? Will it be proven that MOG = BIFF? Will MOG get her own Shill Login? Only time will tell, but my wag:

SCOX has big news coming, the insiders have been alerted. Thus the massive 125 share volume as of 11:00, the sacrifice of shills, the silence from SCOX. Keep your eyes open, something big is on the burner today or tomorrow.

Message ID: 263870
Posted By: atul666
Posted On: 2005-05-10 17:43:00
Subject: We haven't heard the last from MOG

It's great that SYS-CON *finally* wised up. I'm sure it wasn't out of journalistic principle, with hacks like Geelan running the show. Unhappy advertisers surely played a part, and I expect there were liability-shy lawyers involved as well.

But this isn't the end for MOG. G2 was spewing ugly FUD before there ever was a SYS-CON, and they (=she) will continue to do so as long as there's money in it. MOG gets to continue being her own editor, with all the freedom, and perils, that entails. So I'm pretty sure we'll see the promised part 2 of MOG's spewage, and sooner rather than later. My impression of her is that her reaction to today's events will be to get even nastier, not to back down.

And I think she'll find someone else to carry her stories, so they'll get distribution beyond her G2 nano-empire. Possibly even by the time part 2 is ready to go. In the media in general, but especially in the trade press media, there is no lowest rung on the food chain. For every sleazy bottom-feeder out there, there's another, even sleazier bottom-feeder scavenging stale crumbs, leavings, and droppings. Maybe she'll find an offshore tech site to post to, to try to skirt the criminal liability thing. At the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if Didio and Enderle send some dirty work her way. I also see a lucrative upcoming gig as the SCOForum 2005 keynote speaker.

But until there's a new development on the MOG front, this is now a prime opportunity to talk about those unsealed IBM docs.

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