Message ID: 262473
Posted By: karl_w_lewis
Posted On: 2005-05-07 09:24:00
Subject: What to do now?

So, I must confess, I'm rather taken aback by this whole strange thing. First stats reports that someone in a white SUV is scooting around the desert trying to find *him*, and now we've got that O'Gara beast trying to send the stalkers after PJ. (Or, more likely, since I doubt O'Gara could find her own backside without help, some poor innocent bystander.)

I've been trying to think of things to do that aren't criminal, but that might be effective. My thought is, (and please, sing out if you've got a better idea), let's list the advertisers who put adds on MOG's site. Let's send them nice letters suggesting tht if they don't quit we'll use our own purchasing power and influence others to buy their competitors' products and services. Give them a period of time to think it over, say a month or so, and then let's just publish a list of people who are paying MOG, and let's do what we can to cut off *their* money.

I know, I doubt we can really make much of a difference right away, but you know penguins could have a loooooong memory. I know, at least, how to hold a grudge, and I ain't afraid to.

Meanwhile, I'm prepared to listen to any and all proposals.


Message ID: 262502
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-07 11:13:00
Subject: Re: What to do now?

Maybe we have Scox/MOG tactics exposed by some linux friendly news channels? LWN, cringely, register, inquirer, slashdot?

The article was by MOG. But, the way that Darl carried on and on about PJ's identity, and MOG's huge bias in favor of msft/scox; makes it more than a little suspecious.

Maybe we could write some of the journalists that have covered the MOG v PJ stories before?

If the information about PJ is for real, then it's out there anyway. The damage is done. I would be surprised if the MOG piece were pulled by Monday anyway.

Message ID: 262561
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-07 14:32:00
Subject: Another way to coordinate?

Going back to an idea I posted previously, what if we could get a real journalist intested in this juicy story?

We could compile facts. Develop solid theories based on those facts. Present the matterial in a such a way that it would be a cinch to write a great story.

We do the work, the jornalist gets the credit. Good deal all around.

Message ID: 262564
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2005-05-07 14:38:00
Subject: Maybe write Dana Blankenhorn?

Dana Blankenhorn wrote this article just last February. Maybe he would be interested in following up?

The Jones-O'Gara Feud
Posted by Dana Blankenhorn

Message ID: 262565
Posted By: cambo67
Posted On: 2005-05-07 14:41:00
Subject: Re: Another way to coordinate?

<< Going back to an idea I posted previously, what if we could get a real journalist intested in this juicy story?

We could compile facts. Develop solid theories based on those facts. Present the matterial in a such a way that it would be a cinch to write a great story.

We do the work, the jornalist gets the credit. Good deal all around.>>

I'm sure we don't need to get any journalists involved - they are going to get themselves involved ;-)

We know several journalists read this message board, and some (like the good Bob Mimms) actually post, too. When they see something here that they can run with, they'll do the rest


Message ID: 263143
Posted By: phandsvrta
Posted On: 2005-05-09 15:33:00
Subject: An Open Letter to Sys-Con...

I put this together, but I think it needs tuning....

Maureen O'Gara and standards in journalism.

To whom it may concern,

Your columnist, Maureen O'Gara has fostered a reputuaion for being a controversial, and often biased, individual. She has often parrotted what is obvious propaganda for companies such The SCO Group Inc, and Microsoft Inc, under the guise of journalistic reportage. When questioned, or corrected, she ignores such input, however phrased or delivered, and continues in the face of evidence.

However, her recent attack on Pamela Jones, the Groklaw blogger, dives to depths of unprofessional conduct unparalled in apparently professional, technical journalism. The article ( was an unveiled attempt to character assassinate it's target, and used the basest of tactics, religious intolerance, inuendo and outright falsehoods to do so.

Who Pamela Jones is, and where she lives is completely irrelevant to the matter which O'Gara was referring - the attempt by The SCO Group Inc to show that they own IP in Linux, and to charge licensing fees for it's use. This case is in court, and no decisions look likely in the short, and perhaps medium term. O'Gara writes as if it's a conclusive SCO victory, taking her cue from that company's officers - hardly an unbiased source.

As of the date of this communication, I will not reward anyone employing O'Gara with web, or other traffic ("clicks"). Further, I will send a copy of this communication to any advertisers using Sys-Con as a presentation medium, urging them to withdraw their business until such time as O'Gara is no longer in Sys-Con's employ.

Yours etc,

Paul Hands

Message ID: 263222
Posted By: rkhalloran
Posted On: 2005-05-09 17:47:00
Subject: Letter to Sys-Con Advertisers

This was sent to Raritan, Scalix, JadeLiquid/webrenderer, and Monarch: I used the Google cache of the MOG article to deny Sys-Con the page hits.


I write to you as a concerned Linux enthusiast. I am sure you are aware of the current legal scuffle by SCO over claimed infringment by
Linux. You advertise on the Linux World website, a Sys-Con property. Their current "hot story" is an "expose" by Maureen O'Gara on Pamela Jones of the Groklaw blog
, which has been critical of the SCO case. This piece is little more than an ad-hominem screed against Ms. Jones, stalking down members of her family and disparaging her faith.

I respectfully request you contact Sys-Con and comment on their yellow journalism. Advertising on a site with this sort of piece does your company no credit. Thank you.


SCOX delenda est!!

Message ID: 263376
Posted By: ranterjmc
Posted On: 2005-05-10 02:25:00
Subject: Sys-con removes feedback

But not the article.

Or O'Gara

Shows they live in the same gutter as her.

Message ID: 263406
Posted By: boyle_m_owl
Posted On: 2005-05-10 04:39:00
Subject: Letter to Lloyd Caron

Subject: Editor's Note

"Editor's Note: There have been several implied death threats posted in
the feedback to this story, all of which have been removed. At 9:55pm
Pacific time Monday, May 9, feedback was therefore disabled. A SYS-CON
management meeting during regular business hours Tuesday May 10 will
determine whether feedback will be restored. In the interim, we are
interested in your feedback, so please e-mail it to"

The only threat is to your bottom line through gross mismanagement and
malfeasance because your journalistic integrity is bloody nonexistent
and that you are a laughingstock within the computing community.
Indeed, anyone with two brain cells to rub together has found that
Maureen O'Gara's Jack-Daniels-fueled excreable so-called articles to be
the most unprofessional -bordering on criminal- drivel ever written by
anyone with access to a keyboard. The only possible reason that you
publish her puerile and fatuous screeds is that they generate clicks.
These are clicks generated by the same motivation that people have to
slow down and rubberneck at an accident scene on the highway.

I had the most unfortunate chance to read her latest cave drawing and I
had to shower afterwards.

May you reap what you sow.

BMO/[real name]

Message ID: 263893
Posted By: higgins_jc
Posted On: 2005-05-10 17:59:00
Subject: SYS-CON - more talk than action

SYS-CON seem to have done nothing more than remove the link to the MOG article on PJ... all the other MOG articles are still posted - they are still publishing all her other articles - including ones from yesterday.

The haven't made any official statement on their actions, they haven't publically apologised to PJ.

So we need to keep the pressure on. We still need to contact the advertisers, we still need to mail the sys-con staff and express our outrage at their actions.

They still haven't replied to their readership.

We cannot sit down on this, or we will see MOG creep back in slowly.

All of the outrage we felt earlier has been wookied by a promise - but we still need clear action.

If they really cared about the quality of their publication, they would have removed the MOG articles already - the obviously don't care and are still only interested in the hits.

We are not finished yet - we need to continue to request from a public statement in relation to their role in publishing the despicable attack on Groklaw/PJ

So keep ringing/faxing the advertisers, keep reporting back what you hear. So far the list has of responsesn been a lot smaller than the list of advertisers.

Message ID: 263898
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-05-10 18:08:00
Subject: Re: SYS-CON - more talk than action

The problem I have with this is that it WAS SYS-CON editors leading the expression of outrage. While I agree that the Publisher could try to slide MoG back in when the heat dies down, I suspect you will see a lot of defections from the staff if that happens.

I'm not telling anybody else what to do, but my stand is going to be watch and wait on this one. At least long enough to give them adiquate time to finish the dismantling.

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