Thanks -- SCO v. Novell Hearing Reports

By Anonymous

May 26 2005

On occasion it is worthwhile to reflect on the effort put forward by people such
as Frank Sorenson and Chris Brown who take the time and effort to attend these
hearings, take notes and then put forth the effort to transcribe these notes and
make them available for publication. While it is understandable that it is a
labor of love, never the less, it is a selfless contribution. Thank You Frank
and Chris, and thank you PJ. for provding the forum.

An appreciative, anonymous, and sometimes trollish Groklaw reader.

11:35 AM EDT

The pleasure is all mine

By chrisbrown

May 26 2005

I thank you for your kind words, but the pleasure is all mine. A good portion of my income is derived from F/OSS installation and support. Having the opportunity to attend, and provide some limited reports on, these hearings gives me a sense that I am, albeit in a small way, contributing something back to the community.

The real heavy lifting is done by Pamela, Frank, and others too numerous to mention (News Pick Editors, Timeline maintainers, transcriptionists, article contributers, Webmaster, etc) who expend effort every single day in support of Groklaw. The community owes them a great deal of appreciation.

Perhaps Pamela will create a static Credits page sometime to note their contributions in one place. Groklaw is truly a community work with Pamela as the "Lead Maintainer, Wordsmith, and Bottle Washer".

04:49 PM EDT

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