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Posted By: drichards1953
Posted On: 2005-06-07 10:50:00
Subject: Rambus is the SCO of memory

Rambus is not much more than a shell company. They have few employees and their only real asset is the supposed IP patents they hold on memory.

Will the actions of Rambus affect DDR and DDR2 RAM; not for the immediate future and even if they would win the price most likely would not be affected much as memory has become more a comodity than anything else. Do you even know who made the RAM in your computer? Most likely no. The lawsuits have gone on for many years, pre-dating the SCO cases by years.

For a time when the P4 CPU's first came out Intel pushed RAMBUS memory down higher end users throats. Was RAMBUS RDRAM faster, yes, but technology has moved on. My primary computer has RAMBUS memory in it, but it was and is not cost effective. RAMBUS memory was and is very expensive when compared to DDR and DDR2. Rambus as a company had a chance and blew it because they got greedy. Their license for manufacture of RAMBUS memory was very expensive, for minimal performance gain. (Meaning poor cost-benefit-analysis.)

RAMBUS does not build a physical product. They are a company who designed some concepts, then tried to fool the industry, and then forgot to tell the industry standards group, in which they were a participant, they held or had applied for patents on concepts they were promoting. Does that sound somewhat familiar?

All you have to do is look toward Lindon, Utah to see a similar model in the operation of a business. IP had it snakes even before Darl and Ralphie.

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Posted By: rgriffith64
Posted On: 2005-06-07 10:57:00
Subject: Re: Rambus is the SCO of memory

Rambus is an IP company. Blame bad IP laws for the existance of Rambus and similar companies.

I worked for a wireless lan IC company. We had some good proprietary technology. Rambus were interested in buying until they found out how much we had participated in standards meetings. Anything contributed to the standard is pretty much open. We still had patents that were not open. Rambus were not interested as the level of protected property was not high enough.

Nobody is interested in real products anymore they just want to own the ideas and have other people send them money.

We had a revolution when the aristocracy owned the land. Time for an idea revolution.

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