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Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-06-17 22:05:00
Subject: Just Venting

OK Folks, I need to vent. Seriously.

Working for a publically traded Health Care company is driving me bonkers. Seriously. There are some things that need to be done *Immediatly* for HIPAA, that are trumped by things that cannot be done *Immediately* for SOX. In fact, there are things I am being asked to do for SOX that I cannot do according to the guidelines that have been laid down. For SOX

“Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut UP, I’M ABOUT TO BREAK”

I mean it is about there. I have been doing production support for the system using the account of the person who should have been doing it, but who has been on an ‘extended medical leave’. That person is gone now. I applied for a separate account to continue the work. The Director of Security denied it. Works for me. Less I have to do. Except no one else was named to do the job. God help the users. I can’t.

I know what my duties are. I get a call from the SOX auditors, I am supposed to reply. I ask what my priorities are upwards to my supervisor for triage. I get told “Make time for it” Fsck that. You want HOW many hours out of me? And I can’t make time for it, BECAUSE I CANNOT FSCKING BE THE PERSON THAT IS IN CHARGE. I am the fscking developer. SCOX has separation of duties. I can’t make it work because I cannot be a part of it.

Oh, BTW, the auditors believe DateTime stamps on the source files. Holy Fscking shit. Are they out of their minds?

Oh, and environments... Any programmer out there believe they cannot make their code behave differently ONLY in a production environment? And with a certain date bomb?

Clueless, these assholes are clueless.

So, we have to dot all the T’s and cross all the I’s. And the investors are still fscked in the end. And hell, they did not even know how to read a balance sheet to start with.


Worse than useless. It provides you with nothing aside with a useless, pin-pricked rubber. And it costs you one hell of a lot of money your company could have been making you.

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Posted By: ColonelZen
Posted On: 2005-06-17 22:20:00
Subject: Re: Just Venting ... job politics


That is exactly when you *have* to be. ;-{

You understand your super isn't giving you direction (at least not coherently) because he is as bewildered as to what is expected as you.

I'm presuming this is not coming normal "chain of command" for your duties. So the one and only way you're going to *ever* get clear of it is to climb the stack until you can find someone who *can* make a decision and thrash it out with them as to exactly what they expect in the way of deliverables and time frame.

As said, your boss is as lost as you are, but coming from a fed law, this is not going to go away. If YOU don't want this hanging over your head forever YOU have to find out what it takes to make it disappear - and probably develop procedures for your department for future compliance.

I hate shit like that, but like playground bullies, when you face it down it has a way of shrivelling into something you can get along with.

-- TWZ

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Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2005-06-17 22:29:00
Subject: Re: Just Venting ... job politics

I hate shit like that, but like playground bullies, when you face it down it has a way of shrivelling into something you can get along with.

Hell Zen, I already did that with the production issue. My boss and the CIO of the company already knew how I was supporting production. I was after the CIO to replace the support person. My boss was hired later.

The fact of the matter was, nothing happened. I was uncomfortable using somebody else's account to do production support, and asked for a separate account to do it. The director of Security denied the request.

Production support does not go away with that. I am just not able to provide it. Suck eggs everybody.

My boss is lost is his problem. Hey, we are talking liability here, and I am not on the board. SOX will not go after me, HIPAA sure in hell will. I tend to work with those issues if you know what I me. Some other poor dumb management schmuck can work out the SOX problems. Not my hide.

If you invest though, keep it in mind. Publicly owned Health care companies are having a hissy fit over this. Oh, BTW, be sure to watch for a good time to short OCR. But I have mentioned that already...

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