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Posted By: mitmosnar
Posted On: 2005-06-21 07:50:00
Subject: OT: warmcat mentioned in X-Box article

Dept of minutae

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Posted By: raoulduke_esq
Posted On: 2005-06-21 14:52:00
Subject: Re: OT: warmcat mentioned in X-Box arti

I got the book personally signed by "Bunnie" at DefCon last year (a few days before SCOForum 2004). We talked for a while because I had friends at nVidia and I knew a bit about what went into the Xbox and the BIOS. He's a decent guy; I can only hope to make such a contribution to the community in the future. The only thing that saved him from the jaws of the idiot DMCA was the fact that he was in grad school at the time. The lesson to be learned is that everybody needs to be associated with an educational institution in order to skirt pernicious application of DMCA. Oh yeah, and that both security fubars were Microsoft's, which should tell you something about their ability to implement ANY security.


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